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Found 7 results

  1. Aaron Clinton

    Kicker IQ1000.5 is pretty nuts

    This is something similar to what I would love to offer. In the mean time, this is a wild piece and fairly priced overall. https://www.kicker.com/iq10005-hybrid-5-channel-amplifier-with-500-watt-subwoofer-channel
  2. I am working to expand our amplifier offerings, while staying high quality, somewhat unique, and affordable. First up looks like a class-A/B 6 channel. No crossover network, individual gains, 150watts x 6, will keep footprint as small as possible for the design, similar appearance to the current models. Feeling out interest as it will effect the total amps I put into production. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As a side note, I am considering a 2-channel of the same line, but the demand for 2 channels right now are so low. Would not really want to build them if they are going to sit for a while. Just curious on any input before I get production going.
  3. Aaron Clinton

    JL Slash 500/5 experience

    Is anyone running this amp in system where the front stage is active?
  4. hey Guys i need help upgrading my Nissan pathfinder 2010. i have very little knowledge of speakers and amps but my car has a non- bose setup. i installed a Kenwood DDX-371 2-Din Multimedia DVDReceiver i would like a more powerful sound system, i need recommendations on changing the door speakers and adding a amp. any help is appreciated thanks
  5. Hi Everyone, I am new to this site and i just had to upgrade my amplifier because the circuit board on my old amp fried (7 year old MTX 801D Mono block). I am powering two alpine type R 12's with a brand new Rockford Fosgate Prime R750-1D Mono Block amp. My head unit is a Kenwood touchscreen DDX512 (older version w/o USB port on the front). In my Kenwood head unit, the subwoofer preout has a gain range of -9 to 9, and even with having it set on -9, the bass is WAY to powerful. I actually love how powerful the bass is, but my girlfriend and other passengers literally cannot bear how hard the bass hits. I have messed around with the tuning of the amplifier and I currently have the gain set around 5, Low Pass filter on 110hz, and subsonic filter on 25hz. I think it would be much easier to go back to an external bass knob so that I am able to control the subwoofer gain on the fly when i have passengers in the car. I installed my own Bass Knob for use with my old amplifier and it was a simple phone jack that I ran from the amplifier to the front of my car. My new amplifier is not compatible with this knob and I would like to purchase a new knob to use with the new amp. I really like having the external bass knob so that I do not have to go in and change my equalization settings through my head unit every time I want the bass higher/lower. I do not know this space of car audio very well however, and I would like some outside advice which knob would work best with this amp. I do not know if I should use a specific bass knob or one of the universal fosgate knobs. I have also seen some knob that don't run directly from the amplifier, but rather integrate the head unit in the wiring. Please shed some light on my issue and I really appreciate the help. Ryan
  6. I will have pics up of linears, 5002 gun metal grey, updated, 652iq powder coated. Linear 952iq and possibly xo2 crossover.   I'm lookin  for a Set of matching linears. Maybe 2202 or around there. Or even pa 2. Let me know guys.    
  7. Didn't see any rules about a minimum post count... If I'm breaking any rules, please let me know. If a moderator feels the need to delete this post, I'll be happy to oblige. For sale today is my like new AQ2200D. I purchased this amplifier in March of 2011 directly from Audioque, and didn't receive it from them until May. I'm bumping up to a bigger system and I no longer have a need for this beast! This amp is in like new condition, 10/10 in both appearance and performance. If you have any questions, reply on here or send me a PM! Asking $400 shipped. Sorry about only putting SSA in this picture. Wasn't thinking at the time **And to clarify: My box is NOT resting on top of the amp. It is suspended about 2 inches above it. That picture is a bit misleading! I won't be taking the amp out of my current install until it sells, because I still use it! This amplifier had the gains set correctly the day I got it, and has never been run at full tilt. I take care of my stuff!