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Found 2 results

  1. Awesome, received t-shirt, membership card and vinyls today. It's an awesome thing to be a member. Ruth should have done this back in the days with Linear. Ray and the team did great with this. I hope they keep it up! I live in Sacramento area so I will rep Linear power like I always do locally. Now with the shirt and vinyls it looks more official. There's a lot of people in northern Cali, that have the fever for the Linear scene but don't know how to go about it. This is one very major way to do so. Hopefully I can get more memberships out there. Thanks guys!
  2. Kingstroker

    Wtb Tweets

    Bumped one of my kappa perfect tweets and left a very perfect dent, so perfect that the grill was touching the cone. I tried pulling the grill off and ripped a perfect effing hole in the cone. I'm looking for a somewhat bright, crisp but not too harsh set that won't clean out my mostly empty wallet. A set of used or NOS Blues would make my day. Even something like a display or lab test set would be exceptional wouldn't it Ray.