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Found 1 result

  1. 2 18s in Jeep Wrangler JK w/ Kicker amplifiers So i have been interested in car audio ever since i bought my Jeep (2007) i had 2 12 inch p3s which were the loudest in my highschool, ever since this experience i just wanted to get louder and be the loudest in the area. Next i upgraded to 1 18" d2 SMD/AA and powered it using a Rockford Fosgate T40001bd. I had the box built for me, and all i did was put everything together. I wanted to keep 5 seats and be able to see throughout my windows i competed with this system 3 times and won once with a score of 144.6dbs on music (white girl) on a test tone it did 145.6 which i didn't really know too much of, if it was good or bad but i was told that it was a pretty impressive score. Around January, while i was driving 40 kms to Centennial College (I was taking a auto body apprenticeship course) my whole right side channel speakers popped, my t500.2 amplifier got messed and sh*t was just horrible. I didn't know what the problem was because i checked all my connections that i had modified and everything was tight and clean. So then one day i went bowling with my cousins and my Jeep broke down on me, it wouldn't start so then i had it towed to my dads autobody shop. i later found out that the positive lead that goes to my fuse box had corroded and was loose. I sanded it down and and cleaned the corrosion off it. It fixed all my problems! I saw that the Kicker warhorse was for sale on audiosavings so i didn't hesitate... i bought it, not knowing that the SMDs have to be Dual 1s in order for me to run it . I decided to just sell my old SMD and start from scratch and go for KICKER everything, no disrespect Rockford Fosgate is a good company but i just prefer KICKER. So for my next build i wanted it to be LOUD and LOW so i decided to go with the SMDs again since they are amazing subs, and tune the box to 30hz since, i wanted to be able to do hairtricks since that would be pretty impressive in the area that i live. (not that many ppl have wicked systems). Also a ground pounder no burp machine! The gear that i needed to buy was: 2 SMD/AA's Dual 1s 1 Kicker Warhorse 3 Kicker IX amplifiers 500.4 4 sets of KS65.2 comps 5 XS Power batteries 4- D3100 and 1 D5100 (i already have one D5100) 3/4 MDF 4 6" Aero Ports 100 ft 2/0 gauge welding wire 2/0 ring terminals black carpet Kicker and Monster RCAs and MOTIVATION[/indent]