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    Sub Issues

    I just googled it and I don't think there is one unless for whatever reason it's in my sub box or under the carpet. The RCAs are connected from head unit to amp, wire from subs to amp, ground, remote, and wire to the battery, if I'm correct.
  2. Casey Garner

    Sub Issues

    There may be a line out converter, I had a shop install this set. Where do I look for this to remove it?
  3. Casey Garner

    Sub Issues

    2 alpine 12" and a brand new alpine 500w I just bought. And yeah it just hits once when it receives the power. it doesn't last, only when it gets the power. similar to when you plug in an ipod that's actively playing a song via aux, once the cord connects with the audio connector it gives off that static bump. even when you know its coming it still hurts your ears. its not white noise or anything, just one big hit and that's it. you think something so simple would be easy to explain. Im sure its just something stupid that would fix it. but its a new amp and new subs. so maybe it has to do with the head unit?
  4. Casey Garner

    Sub Issues

    I have had a few different systems that I have installed myself and never really had any issues. The last time I had someone else do it. At first there were slight problems : cruise control would change radio station or turn off radio. Took it back and they fixed it, but then sometimes my subs wouldn't kick on I would have to turn my car off then back on and they would kick on. I have an 05 Tiburon and had the stock head unit in until recently I put an after market unit it. Hooked everything back up and they were getting power but not hitting. I was informed the head unit wasn't appropriate for the subs. Changed it to another after market that I had from the past. My issue now is that : I turn on my car, it takes a second for the head unit to turn on and once it does and the subs receive the power I get a sudden burst of feedback. Just for that brief second of turning on. After that they work fine. Ive attempted to reconnect everything and make sure nothing was loose. I have not checked the sub connection inside the box nor have a checked the wires under the carpet. I only checked the connects to the amp and head unit. What should I be looking for to fix this feedback issue? Thank you.