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  1. Taylor Lewin

    New Head Unit

    I've used the jvc and kenwood. Jvc has a better display and the kenwood has a slightly nicer dsp.
  2. Taylor Lewin

    Linear Power In The Lambo!

    It is a modified factory bracket with a 1" mdf plug resined and glassed into it. I don't have any pics of the mod but its pretty stiff. This build is happening at my other store and I haven't been getting pics as often as I like.
  3. Taylor Lewin

    Linear Power In The Lambo!

    It's built for the wee folks. My 6'4" frame won't fit. The guy in the pic isn't me though. He's 6'6"
  4. Taylor Lewin

    Linear Power In The Lambo!

    So it appears that this thing shares the same crappy speakers that come with a base Jetta. We found something to fix it though. The mid barely squeeks in between the glass and the door panel. Clearence on either side is minimal. The subwoofer location can be seen in this shot too. Underneath the carpet was some bracing, foam and a couple modules that we where able to relocate. We will be tucking a single Blues 8 sealed under a grill to maintain a factory look.
  5. Taylor Lewin

    Linear Power In The Lambo!

    The owner actually drives it. It was dumping rain when he came in.
  6. Taylor Lewin

    Linear Power In The Lambo!

    its tiny on the inside
  7. Taylor Lewin

    Linear Power In The Lambo!

    Got a 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo in the shop today. Build will likely be as follows, Audiocontrol Lc2i, 2 LP2150s Titanium, Blues 6.5 passive, Blues 8 in the passenger footwell.
  8. Got a fresh one in the bay! I'll post some pics tonight! She's sexy!
  9. Taylor Lewin

    Taylor's 2003 Ranger Extended Cab

    I agree this is the first setup that I've felt didn't need a sub. I just wouldn't feel right without one though.
  10. Taylor Lewin

    Taylor's 2003 Ranger Extended Cab

    I think I'm settled on ditching the epicenter. It'll stay put until I have my box ready for installation. My high pass on my deck doesn't go low enough to give a good demo for the mid basses. The epicenter is providing a subsonic at 30 hz and customers are floored when the hear Blues audio chew up Bassnectar and spit it out.
  11. Taylor Lewin

    Taylor's 2003 Ranger Extended Cab

    The pro's remind of the original JL W6. The problem I have with mmats subs is their recommened enclosures. They are always tuned too high and sound really peaky. That and almost all their subs are SPL oriented monsters.
  12. Taylor Lewin

    Taylor's 2003 Ranger Extended Cab

    It drives me crazy that I had to install them with the logos vertical. The binding posts whould hit the window regulator if I put them in horizontal. Temporary mount so I can have something to listen too. The epicenter is being used as my high pass filter, 33 hz, but the knob does some pretty impressive things to the 6.5's. I never get sic k of trying to see how deep I can get them to go. This stuff showed up in the mail last week!
  13. Taylor Lewin

    Taylor's 2003 Ranger Extended Cab

    Deadened the doors with whatever scrap I had laying around. The plates are 3/16" steel wrapped in dynamat.
  14. Taylor Lewin

    Pexiglass Bending

    I've actually used one of those for a cat toy-hideout-scratch post-carpeted-thingy. It's going to have to be a little over 7" in diameter and be extremely rigid. I those are the right size the could be fiberglassed to stiffen it up. The plexi thickness is almost 1/4"(0.220) and was thinking of letting it protrude from the from of the console and lighting it up.. I will have to make a cylinder out of a couple of plywood circles and some sheet metal. The vid showed the 0.220 being molded around a 4" pvc pipe, looked almost easy. I figure if I make the mold slightly larger I can make the ends line up when I squeeze it together to glue it. I'll have to photo doc the process and share if it works. Good luck! I'm curious to see the results if you're successful
  15. I've finally got nearly all my equipment so its time for the build log! As it stands currently, mid level JVC 7" head, Blues 6.5 passive in stock location, tweets in the pillar or sail panel (undecided), 2 12" Mmats Pro (ported, possibly iso loaded, tuned 28ish), Lp2150 on the doors Lp2250 on the subs, coustic xm-2 and an epicenter (Ray almost has me talked out of these). Curious on the benifits of iso mounting, aside from the obvious box size thing. Pics later tonight