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    W12Gti Vented Subwoofer Box.

    Hello people I wanna know whats the best encloser for this subwoofer ( JBL-W12Gti ). I used some programs to see whats best. and i know if you calculate some that its the ( out side car ) valau that you getting to see. I(specs) SPECIFICATIONS DIAMETER: 12" (304.8 MM) SENSITIVITY (2.83 V @ 1M): 91 dB POWER HANDLING: 700 WRMS, 4,000 W.PK FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 18 HZ ~ 1 KHZ NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 6 OHMS (PER COIL) VOICE-COIL DIAMETER: 3.0" (76.2 MM) BASKET DISPLACEMENT: 0.12 FT3 (3.40 LITERS) THIELE-SMALL PARAMETERS VOICE COIL DC RESISTANCE: REVC(OHMS)========3.2 VOICE COIL INDUCTANCE @ 1 KHZ: LEVC(MH)=====0.75 DRIVER RADIATING AREA: SD(FT2)==============0.516 SD(M2)===============0.048 MOTOR FORCE FACTOR: BL (TM==================14.6 COMPLIANCE VOLUME: VAS(FT3)=================1.58 VAS(LITERS)==============44.75 SUSPENSION COMPLIANCE: CMS(µM/N)============135.28 MOVING MASS, AIR LOAD: MMS(GRAMS============184.80 MOVING MASS, DIAPHRAGM: MMD(GRAMS)==========178.72 FREE-AIR RESONANCE: FS(HZ)==================31.83 MECHANICAL Q: QMS===========================6.68 ELECTRICAL Q: QES===========================0.55 TOTAL Q: QTS===========================0.51 MAGNETIC-GAP HEIGHT: HAG(Inch)==============1.00 HAG(MM)================25.40 VOICE-COIL HEIGHT: HVC(Inch)================2.60 HVC(MM)==================66.04 MAXIMUM EXCURSION: XMAX(IN)=================0.80 (ONE-WAY LINEAR) XMAx(MM)=================20.32 *VOICE COILS CONNECTED IN PARALLEL Amp -jbl versterker gto 1201.1 monoblok 1114 watt rms I am not a noob but i dont know all the 'tech' word`s. and my english is not my best language so i hope that one off you can help So what do i need is a good enclosur for that subwoofer. i like a vented box, is whats better a bypass (4th bypass or a 6th bypass ) chears gus pleas help me out. on the internet there is like nothing to find of this subwoofer. chears !