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  1. Need a Chevy Truck High Output Alternator? Check out my new site. https://www.alternatoroutlet.com/ Many Alternators are in stock, same day shipping.
  2. There will be some downtime with all SSA owned domain names @ 8pm while we change the DNS on our domain names over to our new server. We are down grading our server to a VPS opposed to a dedicated server. As our store hasn't been hosted on our server in years, and the forum traffic is slowly dying down, the dedicated server is no longer needed. Thanks for your patience and understanding...
  3. Love these products. Can't wait to release more of them!
  4. Upgraded the forums to latest IPB 4.3.6 ?

  5. ssaudio

    New software version

    Upgraded to latest IPB 4.3.6
  6. ssaudio

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    forum back up and running, on new kick ass server
  7. After down time almost weekly as of late from our existing host who we've been with for years and years, in fact, I can't remember how long it's been so long, we have finally given up on them and changed to a new host. Our new dedicated box has 4 times the RAM, and twice the processor, also an SSD hard drive, so site load time and performance should be very notifiable. The move is all done, and SSA is now on the new dedicated server. The other forums are also, but I have to work out some php handler issues before they will be working properly. In the mean time, please enjoy our new forum, on a brand new dedicated server with our new host. I hope you are all as excited as Aaron and I are. It's been a long time in the making.
  8. http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/soundrive-2-channel-rca-cables.html
  9. ssaudio

    Forum Upgrade Time :)

    not just yet. Every other SSA owned forum go the upgrades so far, except for CA-F, this one will take a little work to get done, working on it later in the week though
  10. Mathew and I have been working on bringing this site to launch for a little while and today is the day. The domain is mostly propogated over to the new host, so without further adue... Vehicle Specific Subwoofer Enclosures and more. They are still adding products on it as I type. SSA will also sell their great CNC cut, hand assembled enclsoures. Check them out! http://soundoffaudio.com/
  11. ssaudio

    Please Welcome Imperium Audio Designs To Ca-F

    welcome to the site!