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  1. CopsAreKlansmen

    Help Selecting Components

    Well, I went ahead and purchased a set of the JL ZR's when I found a set for $350.00. Hard to say no for that price. Now I'm wondering if there will be any benefit to running them with a 4 channel amp vs a 2. I was planning to sill use the passive crossovers since they have quite a few settings already and as I mentioned, I'm guessing I don't have the equipment or experience to properly tune a fully active system by myself. Would a 4 channel amp or adding a 3rd amp for the tweeters really make much of a difference unless I'm running active?? Thanks.
  2. CopsAreKlansmen

    Help Selecting Components

    Thanks everybody for the helpful replies. I've thought about it a bit more, done some more research, and have saved up a little cash so I think it's time to make a decision. I was heavily considering switching my JL 300/2 out for a 4 channel amp and going active with my HU but I think for now we will stick with the passive setup. I don't have the equipment/experience or $$$ to properly tune an active system. I'm hoping to be able to use the TA and EQ features on the deck to smooth out the response as much as possible. As far as speakers are concerned, my focus has shifted a little from what brand to buy, to what speakers will sound best in the stock off axis locations. Components woofers are located at the very bottom front of the door panel and then tweets in the windshield pillars with the tweets slightly facing the windshield. I'm considering getting one of the raw driver/diy sets from madisound or parts express and just seeing how good i can make them sound. I was looking again today and found some sets that look better than the Hi Vi 1600's. Also have heard great things about Scan Speak. I was looking at the Discovery series from them. Anyone have experience with either of these? Thanks, I know the "what speakers should I buy" question gets asked way too often. http://www.madisound...tosound-system/ http://www.madisound...nd-system-pair/
  3. CopsAreKlansmen

    Help Selecting Components

    I think I'm sticking with passive corssovers although I had coinsidered switching my 300/2 for a 300/4 for bi amping. I know the ZR's are capable, but I was looking at DLS since the UP6i's are almost $200 less. Any idea how the upi's compare to the other dls ultimate's? Such as the Gothica or nordica.? Ideally I'm looking for the speaker model that will sound best off axis since they will be mounted stock. Also do you have any tips for adjusting my sound stage once installed ? I assume I'm going to need to try and raise it since the woofers are in the bottom of the door panels and the tweets are in the window pillars. Anyone heard the hertz hsk hi energy's, McIntosh MSS630's or the Zapco RH 16.2's? I'm really tempted to try those hi vi's from madisound. $186 bucks is a good price but im not sure what level they're on fidelity wise.
  4. CopsAreKlansmen

    Help Selecting Components

    Thanks for the link, I had seen that page before but I hadn't really read it in depth. Interesting approach as opposed to the "stick as much material on my car body as possible" method that's typically used. Also those Bravox 3 way's look REALLY nice. I was thinking 2 way's so I didn't have to do any serious door mods (hence not even doing kicks for the woofers) but now I'm getting tempted. PM me with a price if you decide you want to sell them. I'm probably not going to pull the trigger on a speaker purchase for a month or so anyways. I was hoping to listen to a range of high end speakers before I actually buy anything. Unfortunately it looks like Portland might be the closest place I can hear any decent sets besides the Focals. Meh to that.
  5. CopsAreKlansmen

    Started building again

  6. CopsAreKlansmen

    Help Selecting Components

    Hi All, I am planning on doing my first system in about 5 years and I really wanted to go as close to "over the top" as I could afford without having to take out a second loan against the vehicle! =) Here's what I have so far: 2003 Nissan Frontier XE (bought in March 2012 with 55K Miles on it!) JL Slash 1000 1 JL Slash 300 2 JL 10w6v2 x 2 Pioneer DEH-80PRS 50-70 sq ft of Sound dampening (Haven't purchased yet so I'm open to suggestions) Big 3 upgrade I just need to pick my front stage and honestly there's so many choices, I have no idea what to do. I've been leaning towards the JL Audio ZR650csi 2 way's. (I ran the XR650cxi components in my last truck and I liked the sound) The guy at the shop mentioned that the crossovers were bi amp capable, and that got me thinking about switching up my 300/2 for a 300/4 and getting the ZR's that way. That being said, there's a lot of options and opinions out there so I would appreciate all the input I can get. My budget is $500 max and I'm honestly looking on Ebay since it's the only way I can afford anything near quality range I want. To try and be as specific as possible: I am going for SQ over anything else. The 2 10w6's was probably overkill on the bass since its a small cab, but I've never had a system that's really been able to POUND when I want it to, and sound great the rest of the time. I am planning on doing a sealed, down-firing enclosure made of 1 1/4" MDF. I am leaving the speakers in their stock locations in the door and window pillar. I want to get as good as a sound stage as possible without doing kicks or a lot of custom modding. I will do 2 layers of deadening in the doors and was also planning to cover from the firewall to the back window (basically as much as I can get to, except the headliner). I went to the majority of the shops in my town today, to try and actually hear a few models I've looked at but of course no one has any decent sound boards set up. All Crap. The only thing I got to hear was the Diamond Hex 600's against the Focal K2RS's. I liked the Focal's better, but it wasn't a very subjective listen. 6.5" 2 way Sets I'm considering: JL ZR650csi Focal 165KR K2 Morel Hybrid Ovation II CDT HD62 Pioneer TS-C172PRS Image Dynamics XS-65 Zapco RH 16.2 McIntosh MSS630 DLS Gothia 6.2 or Ultimate UP's Realm Scosche Ls6c MMATS Pro 641 German Maestro Rainbow CSX465.20 and the list goes on. I even talked to a guy at the store today who was swearing up and down that ROCKFORD FOSGATE T3 and T5 Components were all sorts of amazing. He was comparing them to the upper end Focals. Another guy said that he thought the JL ZR's beat out just about any other speaker on the market. They apparently offer completely flat response all the way up to 12k (the tweeters at least) and the ability to get WAY too loud without a hint of distortion. I was considering just getting the JL C5's but he said they would have a hard time keeping up with the w6's at louder volumes. All that aside, I know a lot of people recommend the complete DIY approach and just ordering raw drivers and tweets. I am totally down with this idea and It's probably true that you can get comparable sound quality to the best of the best mainstream components at a fraction of the price. Example: http://www.madisound.com/kits/autosound-kits.php What would something like the above be comparable to? I don't have a ton of real world knowledge, so If I did a DIY component set, I'd need someone to tell me exactly what to get. Thanks to anybody who feels like tackling this long winded, multi-questioned post.
  7. CopsAreKlansmen

    Hey Everybody

    I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm getting back into car audio after about a 5 year hiatus. I've always been an enthusiast and as a musician, I appreciate good sound reproduction in any environment, but I'm partial to the mobile stuff more than HT. I Have a technical background but it's mostly IT related and basic electronics, so I still have a lot to learn on the numbers side. I'm joining to seek advice from members and help others if I can. Thanks!