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  1. Hey everyone been doing alot of modifications to my system as may seen some of my recent videos, i just installed the New RF 360.3 its a wonderful sound processor and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to bring out the sound quality and the depth of the bass out from their subs heres some demos that were given recently, notice the difference in the flex and the sound pressure!
  2. Just installed the new Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.3 i believe i am the first on in Ontario that has one
  3. Won 2 trophies and a 12" Kaption Audio Subwoofer 1st place Best SUV 1st place SPL (2 Subs) i hit 150.1 dbs on Bass ballin had 5 guys holding my back windows lol
  4. Thanks just sand blasted the front end of my frame and painted my callipers red, and put my rims back on
  5. Videos Hairtricks Reactions Walk throughs Subscribe to my channel for more updates!
  6. Katzkin Leather, This was done all custom from TM Customs, J10K means: My Jeeps model is JK i have 10,000 watts so thats 10k so then i combined the model and the watts and got J10K
  7. Mounts and the results I can access my batteries I can access my amplifier Still got one more thing
  8. My rough ideas Made them slide instead of fold Welded some mounts
  9. alright lets see what others think
  10. Thanks bro, and the Warhorse is an amazing amp, i got it for really cheap last January, ($1300 CAD) Do u guys think i can still make this into a 5 seat?