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  1. smoothfidelity

    Cablguy184 Not A Cable Guy Anymore ?

    Congrats and good luck on the change. I don't know how people stay at one place their whole lives. My mother worked at one place for 35 years and it was her only job....ever.....in her life. Even that 17 years you did was a long time. Enjoy the change.
  2. smoothfidelity

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Redheads, anyone named Tiffany, Hairdressers........hilarious, but so true.
  3. smoothfidelity

    2002 Chevy Blazer Sql Build!

    All in one is more simple....and better for the signal chain. The value of the 9886 and the Arc EQ is equal to or more than an all in one much BETTER head unit.
  4. smoothfidelity

    2002 Chevy Blazer Sql Build!

    Gotcha....you could most likely sell that 9886 and buy last years Kenwood high end model on ebay and be out very little money (less than $50 at most). The top Kenwood single dins have 13 band EQ's, built in T/A, and pretty extensive crossover functions. Not to mention, burr brown chips, and 4-5 volt pre-puts. Heck, Kenwood's top models for the past 4+ years all have these features built in. Alpine is robbing customers. If you aren't a Kenwood fan, you can get the Pioneer 80PRS for $250-$300 these days brand new in the box. Even more tuning features. Personally, I am not a Pioneer fan. Just trying to help.
  5. smoothfidelity

    2002 Chevy Blazer Sql Build!

    Without going back and rereading this whole thread, what head unit are you running? Most head units these days have at least 5 bands of EQ, sub level control, and internal crossover capabilities. The mid-level to high-level head units have even more. Therefore, this piece should be useless these days and will only add to the amount of equipment mucking up the signal chain.
  6. smoothfidelity

    World Finals And Sbn

    Does he think he's MJ? Coming out of retirement again?
  7. smoothfidelity

    Classical Music In A Noisy Environment

    This isn't a problem when you have a true high quality sound system.....SPAM I assume.
  8. smoothfidelity

    Budget Line

    Power may be cheap, but good quality power isn't.
  9. smoothfidelity

    Budget Line

    What ever happened to subwoofer efficiency? It seems as though power went a lot farther in the old days.
  10. smoothfidelity

    2002 Chevy Blazer Sql Build!

    Gotcha. I misunderstood Johnny's quote earlier. I thought you stated you didn't have the funds for the repair. However, I think you were talking about purchasing a bigger LP for your substage. No harm done. Sorry about that. I would still sell the TRU.....
  11. smoothfidelity

    2002 Chevy Blazer Sql Build!

    Im gonna be stripping the frame and getting it blasted and powdercoated. Then get the engine and trans set on.. Im gonna get the cab bottom finished in the time that its at powder coating. so when the frame gets back I can set the cab on it that day no worries. 100% all new hardware, bushings and mounts throughout. But you don't have the money for a small amp repair? Something doesn't add up.....again.
  12. smoothfidelity

    2002 Chevy Blazer Sql Build!

    You could always call Ray at TIPS/LP for the repair. He does a good job and has fair prices. TRU, as a company, thinks everything they have or do is something special that should command above market pricing which is not true. Horrible company. Not to mention, $300 for that repair is absolutely ridiculous.
  13. smoothfidelity

    2002 Chevy Blazer Sql Build!

    If you don't have the money to spend to repair the amp, then sell it on ebay for parts and buy another amp such as a used Arc KS1000.1 or 1200.1. They sound just as good if not better. TRU sound is over rated to begin with and we are talking about your sub. You won't notice a difference.
  14. smoothfidelity

    Blues Subwoofers

    Your program does not account for cabin gain, and real world experience trumps a computer program any day. What was your question again? If you put more worth in that program then I don't think this thread even needed to exist.
  15. smoothfidelity

    Blues Subwoofers

    I have ran 2 BL10's (new version) in 1.35 gross (each) before the port tuned to 24hz and they did well. You will get more control, and less required airspace with the ISO-KIT. I have never been able to talk myself into the ISO-KIT because of the cost, combined with no cone area increase. Basically, I see it as double the price for a little more control. I believe Blues is claiming that the BL10 will do well in 1.0 cube net ported as well.