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  1. Tacosys

    06 Tacoms Build.

    Yeah I live in Western Maryland. Jere are a few more pics:
  2. Tacosys

    06 Tacoms Build.

    I see what you mean. I just painted them with some resin and poured 2 quarts on it. Now its filled with expanding foam, its solid as a rock.
  3. Tacosys

    06 Tacoms Build.

    Well here is whats going in it. Will be 2 9518G's off a pair of SAZ-3000D bridged with a Maxx-Link. I an running a 300amp Iraggi Alternator, 1 stock battery(this may change soon), 4 Batcap 2000's, and 4 runs of 0 gauge. I am not even going to get into the highs and the mids. Anyway here is the truck with everything ripped out: Here is my progress so far on the wall: I have done more progress on the wall, I will get some pics tomorrow.
  4. $125 shipped. I need this gone fast!
  5. My AIM is "i are kleet" if you want to send them my way I would really appreciate it.
  6. Tacosys

    External Voltage regulator

    Someone has to know
  7. Where can I get those 4 songs at?? I checked his myspace and those werent on any of his mix tapes
  8. Tacosys

    Free Razor

    I ordered one of these a while back. Took months to get, but at least it arrived.
  9. Tacosys

    Introduce your System

    Here is the pic of the one installed now:
  10. Tacosys

    External Voltage regulator

    I was looking at one on the powermaster site. I would like to set my voltage somewhere around 15v. Would this damage any of my factory electronics?
  11. Tacosys

    Post your pet / pets

    That cat is evil.
  12. Tacosys

    I think ROE has finally died.

    Its been down for almost 2 days. Thats the longest I can ever remember it being down.
  13. Tacosys

    Post your pet / pets

    Here are our 2 sons: Our daughter:
  14. Tacosys

    LOL Soulja Boy

    Thats hilarious. The first time I heard it is when my friend asked me to load some songs on his daughters ipod for her, she is 8.
  15. Tacosys

    LOL Soulja Boy

    I will never be able to listen to the song again after seeing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXeVgLGkp6c