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  1. Thanks guys. I believe I need to ask for some help on the next process of this build though. I have always been the type to add a good component set or 2 in to make good mid and highs to try to blend in with the bass. But I have been reading alot about off axis and all this type things in making the front stage more dramatic. I would love to have my front stage make me feel like I am at a concert and hear as if the singer is walking back and forth across my dash singing, that is when the stereo effect is there to make it happen. Can yall help school me on any of this? I know cableguy has a very sq based sound stage as well as others too. I would love to learn more about all this and attempt it in my rebuilding. I have an old school Kenwood kec-302 cross over which is real similar to the Sony xec-1000 but also has a rear midbass output. So fine tuning and control is available to help with this.

  2. A good friend of mine owns Gameover Car Audio so this is going to be a mostly completely IA build and double as a demo vehicle for him also, So this will be a very strong sql build. The IA components get extremely loud and still very clear, so the 2 DR 12s should wrap it all up.

  3. Wow I was just looking thru this build and realized how long I been away for updating it, sorry guys I have been side tracked with work and other hobbies I have completely neglected this build. Anyways lets throw in some updates with the tank. Well photobucket is acting up and not loading for me right now but I will post up some pics as soon as it cooperates with me. I have built new step rails for her along with front and rear bumpers and installed a 4 inch lift with some new tires. Also swapped out engines since the original had blown head gaskets letting compression out of 3 cylinders, might I add I was still getting 20 mpg with this engine and drove it to the shop to do the swap. Newer engine runs great but I think I need new injectors to make it right. Built some better door pods for the 6.5s that look and sound a lot better. The boxes I built for the bed sides and since deteriorated from the wood getting wet so they are getting removed and I am going another route. Future plans include 2 Incriminator Death Row 12s powered off a IA 20.1 and a IA 6.4 to power the components. OK I got photobucket up so lets load some pics. Here is the tank as she looks now. IMG_20130506_172747_zpsbaaf5235.jpg

  4. I decided to give the little 8's one more chance before I gave up on them. Built some ported boxes for them to give them the best chance.





    And mounted the amps to the panels behind the boxes to clean up the rear area.



    Passenger side panel is a little cramped with the large amp bit it all fits (barely)

    Still need to paint the port black and gonna get a speaker grill to put over it. But it definitely sounds alot better now.

  5. And got the step rails powder coated and reinstalled




    Still to come as money permits....

    Reinforce the backside of the 8 enclosures

    Cover the new panels

    Build pods for the lower door comp set and cover

    Build amp rack for the rear to clean up the wire rats nest

    Hide the wires better

    Full detailed interior clean!!!

    So far the 8's sound pretty good aside from the enclosures rattling still.

  6. IMG_20120506_172407.jpg



    Still need to glass the back side for the enclosure mount the rear 6.5 comp set and cover. Hopefully more to be finished this coming weekend. Then glass some pods for the front doors for the front stage and cover.

  7. New lower panels for the doors will rebuilt, making it look ALOT cleaner than this and not set on tweeter position just yet.


    And this prime real estate will be where the 8s and other comp set will be housed.


    These panels will also be rebuilt, 8s being about where the 6x9s are now but a little lower and comp sets up and a little back from there. I am thinking with this set up it will be a little harder to steal than grabbing the box and running with the top off. Plus will keep everything a little more protected if it does happen to rain while the top is off too.

  8. I traded my IA 12 for 2 IA 8s and purchased 2 sets of IA 6.5 comps. I got one set today and temperarily installed them to see how they are going to sound (off the head unit for now.) The 8s will be powered of the US amp and a 4 channel will be purchased soon to power the comps. So on with the pics




  9. This past weekend I made some step rails for the ole Blazer. My gf being 5 foot tall has troubles climbing in so this was more to help her out. Especially since she don't relly like the truck already lol. This weekend I will pull them off to have them powder coated black and add some grip tape to the tubes where stepping is used.



    And while riding around with the top off I changed my plans on the stereo set up once again. With the top off you can barely here the 12 play. I knew it wouldn't be loud but didn't expect that much loss.

  10. Well sub stage for the Blazer has changed. Done some horse trading with a buddy. Traded the Alpine type R's and my Sundown 100.2 for a IA Death Penalty D2 12 and a US Amps Xterminator XT-2000D. Was looking to run a single 12 anyways and this performs like I am wanting. Just got to build a box to fit like a want and hopefully sound as good. Box build should be coming in about a month. Also scored another set of front and rear axles geared 3.73 and some 33x12.50s for cheap. Gonna get those swapped out first.

  11. Havent done anything along the lines of audio to the blazer yet, had some major cancer issues to tend to, thought I would share some pics for those interested. I figure since this is a build thread and its part of the build of my blazer it fits? I got most of the cancer issues taken care of, still got the drivers side rocker panel to replace and soon as money permits seal up the interior with some form of DIY bedliner. Anyways on with some pics......