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    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    I wish I had big packages coming, right now just waiting for an iPod cable and Sirius add on. Nothing big enough to make it feel like christmas again, YET lol
  2. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    what formula are you using to construct it? hows it done i have build ported i am use to using charts etc...to come up with the box and there not that loud but my transmission line cabinet will over power a ported any day of the week. the formula similar to what i have been using is on jl audio web site it is the same come out the same hertz etc is that the formula your using? here is the one formula http://mobile.jlaudio.com/support_pages.php?page_id=165 This last box I made Bromo helped design it for me but I use Torres box calculator also when designing my own it works pretty good, winISD is another good program to chart out the graphs but it don't hep much with the box desing itself since it wont take away the port area from the inside box space when designing and tuning it. So I use Torres to design it then transfer the data to WinISD to see the graph. It worked pretty good with my first box but the second, the one in the vid, all the credit has to go to Bromo. Here is a link to Torres box calculator though if you wanna try it out. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/38791-torres-box-tuning-calculator-updated-310/ Here is a pic of the DDX512 in my green Mazda playing Halestorm
  3. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Sure I can talk about the box. Subs do make a good difference too thu.
  4. bowtieguy

    bums ranger

    A pic of the white face gauges. . And a pic of the over head console.
  5. bowtieguy

    bums ranger

    i was going to order some scat procar seats, carpet, and head liner , then i got to get dream beams and do body work this is after i get another truck for a dd and sell the Taurus. ya that Taurus just does not have any mods so i want to get rid of it.kinda boring ya know. Instead of replacing the headliner you could do like i did, i pulled mine out and used a stiff bristel brush to clean all the funky factory "carpet" off then spray glued carpet of my choice back on then reinstalled. I used the same carpet I used on my sub box to make everything match better. Looks great and helps alot with the a/c and heater, works alot like insulation. I also put an over head console from an explorer in and hooked up so the temp and compass works, put in white face gauges from a sport trac and blue led lights in the instrument pod and hvac controls for a nice blue glue, and swapped out the factory seats for a set of buckets from a local j/y from a sports car. Alot more confort in the ol' truck now.
  6. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Thanks, I thought it was alot of flexing for just 2 12's but they do move alot of air lol.
  7. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Not a great vid but good enough to see the flexing. The camera makes it sound like the subs are distorting badly but I promise they were very clean and clear.
  8. bowtieguy

    THE neon re-build

    Gotta love getting new Sundown amps in the mail, or even used too
  9. bowtieguy

    Bromos Build Log

    Memory = more applications running at one time
  10. bowtieguy

    bums ranger

    For me the hardest part about tinting my windows was the trimming. I never can seem to get a good clean cut. If you don't want to use a heat gun just do it on a nice warm sunny day, the sun will do the same thing just slower or use a hair dryer. I tinted both my trucks with 25% thats darker than legal but cops haven't given me any shit yet. Bum, have you done any mods to your interior yet? I can tell ya all kinds of things to dress up the interiors of these trucks if your interested.
  11. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    2 SSA Icon 12's, should have it all done and in the truck by tomorrow. Will get more pics with it in the truck then. Gonna leave it bare (bear for bromo lmao) till I get ready to put in in the green truck. how loud have you been getting with those or is it a sound quality set up? cause they look good and the box fits my truck. i know cause it's a ranger with the one wheel peel (lmao) i took it to the track with out a looking diff and got the one wheel peel down pat lol's Can't say number wise how loud it gets but I can say its loud, lows make ya wanna . When it was all in the green truck the back of the cab flexed so much it almost touched the bed. I will try to get a vid of the grey truck flexing this weekend and post it up. The plexy box loved the lows, lower the bass the louder it got. And no this isn't an SQ set up, wanted loud and still sound good too. Haven't even tried to turn the tires over in the ol' green truck, with 280k the auto slip-o-matic i try to be easy on her.
  12. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    2 SSA Icon 12's, should have it all done and in the truck by tomorrow. Will get more pics with it in the truck then. Gonna leave it bare (bear for bromo lmao) till I get ready to put in in the green truck.
  13. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    And a couple more with the port black. Tomorrow after the paint is good and dry I will get it closed up and do a little touch up painting then hopefully Friday after work hook it up and see how great it sounds.
  14. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Ok got more progress for y'all. Here are a few pics while I am waiting on the primer in the port to dry. . I hope I didn't double post any images, doing this off my Itouch
  15. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Always wanted to be a ninja. Guess grammar ninja will work lmao. It's raining here again today, go figure. Good thing I got the wood all cut up yesterday. I will be spending lots of time in the garage today after work and I will make sure to take plenty of pics for y'all. Just don't make too much fun of my work. I don't have all the fancy tools, just the basics. My best and favorite is my router though. Most of my cuts might not be perfect but by God I got perfect circles lol
  16. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Firstly +1 for using the correct word of sense and not since. As far as the plexi, if you already have it why not use it and show off the nice looking motors. LOL thanks. I can use the plexi out of the old box, or order another piece in a larger size that would fit. I found a good place to order plexi at a pretty cheap rate pre cut in various sizes and thinknesses. http://www.estreetplastics.com/ My plans for this set up is to be in my DD (green Mazda). Once I am driving it regular again I hope to redo the grey truck and turn it into a kinda ""show" truck. Nothing exotic but a nice truck with a killer stereo. Hopefully a car pc for head unit and subs in the bed with lots of plexi for showing off.
  17. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Made some progress today, got all the wood cut for the new box. Sorry I didn't take any pics of the wood cut but I do plan on starting the building of the box tomorrow after work. I will be sure to make pics then for all the pic whores I am excited to hear how the new (better) box will sound. Decided this box will be installed in the grey Mazda without carpet until the green one is ready. No sense in letting it just sit and wait right? Might as well put it to good use. Still trying to decide if I should do the plexiglas window in this one too. What do you guys think? Help me decide.
  18. bowtieguy

    Favorite Sub Brand of All Time! (POLL)

    Back in the early 90's I was die hard RF man, these days if I had to go mainstream it would have to be JL. I know they are over priced but still good stuff. But if and when I buy new subs it will either be SSA or Sundown.
  19. bowtieguy

    Another redirected member.

    Welcome aboard, I been a noob for 20 years so we got alot in common
  20. bowtieguy

    Hi Everyone!

  21. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    The older grey Mazda was gonna be a temp DD till I got the green one fixed up but since I been driving it I really don't wanna get rid of it. Would be a great truck to load several 12's in the bed with a blow thru. Maybe I can get Sundown to sponsor it since I was planing on using Sundown amps and the new "x" 12's when they come out. Hey a guy can dream right? lol Regardless the thoughts of a blow thru with maybe 4 12's in the bed and plenty of plexi to show off the subs and amps laid all over in the back of the cab have been in my mind for a while. I had a 92 reg cab Mazda in H.S. that I did a blow thru with 2 12's but always wanted 4 in a bandpass using the entire bed. Who knows what the future holds, would make for a great build thred though lol
  22. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    No updates yet, I picked up the wood Friday after work but it's been raining since. If it clears up tomorrow I hope to get started if not then Tuesday after work. Dont get me wrong we need the rain here but why today? Lol
  23. bowtieguy

    Almost new in box saz3500d and sax100.4

    If you still have the 100.4 next thursday I would love to have it. I get paid every 2 weeks. But I don't expect ya to hold it for me.
  24. bowtieguy

    bum's taurus build

    Looks good
  25. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Found some pics of the box before I am currently using before carpet and before I pulled it out of the green truck. It was kinda flashy, next one will be just a plain simple box. I know I did't have the wires tucked and hidden good please don't laugh atleast not too hard lol