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  1. bowtieguy

    Infinite Baffle Driver

    Welcome to the forum. Just curious, why infinite baffle? you can build a good tune ported and probably sound better at 25hz than I.F.
  2. That is a very sweet looking system, and I bet it sounds just as great too. Awsome job
  3. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Made an order for the transistor and diode that is bad in the eq, keep your fingers crossed that this fixes the problem. I really want this piece of electonic history to work.
  4. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Went to visit a long time friend of mine today and he was completly excited about how my system sounds and wants me to help him build one too. Complete with touch screen dvd. More Sundown audio equipment will be coming to this area soon! When it does watch out for another build log. Also got a Sundown Audio 100.2 coming soon to replace the JL amp on front stage.
  5. bowtieguy

    Bromos Build Log

    Wont be long and it will. Make sure to take many pics for us too!
  6. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Well bad news, got the eq in today hooked it up and it works but after a minute or so the display goes out. Still works just can't see anything to adjust it. Just my luck.
  7. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    See above post lol
  8. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Your right bum I am mainly using the eq for the dancing lights it's only a 5 band eq. No sliders or knobs just push button and display. I will post up a few pics of it when it comes in. My source unit is in my sig Kenwood DDX512. It has all the bells and whistles I need and then some. This eq is one of the few digital eqs made back then without paying a small fortune. My kenwood only has a 3 band eq so might just set it flat and use the Sony. Will be alot easier to adjust it versus the one in the kenwood while driving.
  9. bowtieguy

    here is a cool m3 bimmer

    Sign me up for one. I will be the first to make a blow thru and load the useless bed with subs. MAYBE it will manage to haul them lol.
  10. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Thanks guys and thanks bum but not really into the under glow thing any more, would haave been about 20 years ago thu lol. Progress might be slowed down alot due to money. Just bought a Sony XE-8mkII equalizer, like I really needed one, but had one way back and wanted another. These things are hard to find. And still getting the Sundown 100.2, so my money is gone. But will i will keep the progress going when possible.
  11. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Went ahead and got a few pics taken tonight some are of the blue led dash lights for bum, there are a few "hot spots" but they aren't as bad as the camera makes them look. Sorry some of the pics are fuzzy but you still can see what it looks like.
  12. bowtieguy

    Bromos Build Log

    Is the Flatlyne treating ya better?
  13. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    I took a vacation day from work today to help out with my g/f and turned out to be a very good thing. I went to a local junk yard and scored an explorer center console for a whooping 25 bucks, complete! Only down falls are its tan (no prob I can paint it) and the lid is tore, which is common on these. I got it all put together and in for now but this weekend plan to pull it out to paint it and recover the lid. I had to put it in and together so I wouldn't forget how lol Also getting a new to me amp for the mids and highs, 100.2 Sundown of course . Will look sweet with all Sundown amps. Sorry no recent pics, I will get some tomorrow of the center console for those interested.
  14. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    just seems to me that a guy named "bowtieguy" would be driving a Chevy ... I had a full size chevy truck that I loved then gas prices started going up so I aquired my green Mazda for daily driving. When it got to the point I barely drove the old truck I decided to sell it. I still miss it. But I have been and always will be a chevy man
  15. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    I have been trying to save money to rebuild my tranny for a while now and it hasn't been working out too well. So I am pulling everything out of the grey truck to put in the green and put the grey up for sell. Soon as I can get some carpet for the box, hopefully this coming weekend, I plan to finish and install it for good this time. That is till I convience myself I need to build another box lol.
  16. bowtieguy

    I love Bass !

    Welcome welcome welcome lol
  17. bowtieguy

    4 Huge 15" SUBS, GEO Metro Windshield is jumping Ship!

    Turn them around and i bet it would push that metro down the road lol
  18. bowtieguy

    SSA "Fcon" prototype

    Put me on the list to torture test the fcons I will be nice to them lol
  19. bowtieguy

    Sundown Magazine Cover in Russia

    Now thats getting the name out there lol Grats
  20. bowtieguy

    Hi Everyone!

  21. bowtieguy


  22. bowtieguy

    bums ranger

    I just noticed your truck has the center console, mine had the crappy 60/40 fold down arm rest. I been thinking of getting an explorer center that goes up to the dash.
  23. bowtieguy

    bums ranger

    have you ever replace the trans filter on the green mazda ??? i have replace it 5 times already in my truck since i got it.make sure to get the o ring out of the hole were the filter plugs in to then refill full of oil it either low on oil or the filer is plugged maybe even the trans cooler could be plugged i put a bigger one in mine about 20-30 k ago just do not do it on a cement drive way lol's dad or mom or wife would kill ya for doing it. cause it will leave a nice red stain on it. i would try those three first before trans overhaul. I have recently changed the fluid and checked it to make sure its full. Adding a bigger cooler will not stop an tranny from slipping.
  24. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    You are right they are close. But I do keep a close ear on them. Too much money invested to just smoke, but then again cigs are getting that way now too and that I do need to quit!
  25. bowtieguy

    bums ranger

    I told y'all I had 280k will just shy of it on my green Mazda. Still going and loving it but the auto is slipping. Still working though.