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  1. If your wanting to run an active comp. set up I personally would get a good electronic cross over that has mid and high outputs versus using the cross overs built in the amps. For one the amp C/O prolly wont go high enough for the tweeters, and second they never filter completely. Plus the eletronic C/O will add some adjustability to the setup. Or just stick with a 2 channel amp and power into a passive C/O that seperates for mid and highs.
  2. bowtieguy


    Welcome, glad to have ya with us.
  3. bowtieguy

    ups dropped off a toy.

    looks sweet. Alsways exciting when new toys come in huh? lol I love my Icons, best subs I ever had.
  4. bowtieguy

    Mercury Sable Old School SQ!!!!

    Looks like a great setup.
  5. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Thanks Aaron, and nice seats bum. I am replacing the bed on my truck also, got hit while on a job in Ky. I got another bed already, gonna replace the passenger front fender fix the door and repaint. Staying pretty mush with the factory color, maybe add a design stripe down the side, who knows lol. My cousin and I are doing ll the body work and paint to keep costs down, plus his dad runds a body shop and fixing to retire. That will give us all access to all body working tools needed along with a place to do it.
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    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Thanks cableguy and bum, its nothing spectacular but very funtional and clean I think. My last box was alot more eye candy but this one leaves alot more leg room in the truck and I think sounds alot better too. Simple and effective!
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    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Here are a few finished pics, hard to get good shots in an extra cabtruck when the sets don,t fold all the way up lol.
  8. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Sorry it took so long, had problems with the tranny rebuild so took longer than expected and I have been real busy lately. I was not able to get alot of pics my ipod locked up on me but I did get a few an will get some more of the finished project soon. On with the few pics. Clean carpet to be covered with goodies lol Box and amp rack minus the 100.2 Finished pics coming soon
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    Sundown NeoPro-8 and 10s in stock !

    Sounds like a great driver, but from this company we all know it truely is. I might have to make a need for a deeper midbass than what i got.
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    NOOB from VA!

    Are you refering to the Gran National that used to always win the IASCA events? If so I remember that car too, 6 speakers total. Oh the good ol days lol. And welcome aboard!
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    New to the forum

    Welcome glad you joined us. I got a touch of old school myself. Nothing like it
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    Infinite Baffle Driver

    If you put a sub any sub in an IB set up it will not handle as much wattage as a sub in a sealed or ported box. IB uses the entire trunk as an enclosure, that would be like putting a 12 in a sealed box that is 10 cubic feet. too much air space and not enough resistance on the woofer allowing it to bottom out alot faster. You put that sub in a sealed box about 1 cubic foot of airspace and it will sound better and handle more power. Think of it like this, you take a 400hp tractor and drive it across a field with no load on it, you wont use all 400hp. You put say 12k pounds on the back of it and pull it across the field you will use the horse power to pull it. Same for subs. IB has little resistance against a sub like a sealed or ported enclosure will and allow the subto bottom out alot faster with alot less wattage.
  13. bowtieguy

    Infinite Baffle Driver

    Per this post you do not want an IB setup. I think you would be disappointed with the output. They are used more as a setup to be transparent and blend smoothly with the front stage. Well I would like it to blend... when I want.. then I would like to turn it up and move some air really hit some lows. thinkk you could fit a set of 10's or 12's ? i was thinking your wanted sq over the spl but like you say you are right they can move air in multiples 3 + etc... but just do not in 1 's and 2 's i guess i am just a old fart at it lol's and sick of hurting my ears is why i think 8's would make a great set up. if you have to go with one sub and one sub only go with a 12 about 600+ watts rms if you can get a new amp too. i think a d-con 12 maybe the right sub for ya but for the origanl amp but it will not move that much air cuase it is so low wattage and your tring to force it threw a rear seat and rear deck so a small rms will not help. i wish they had i cons right now i would suggest one of those fo show but production is haulted for now so you know. that amp i showed you would work good with some thing like a i con let me see what else i can find to match to aarons and fi's stuff. Bum bro he is looking at $300 total, he can do an Icon if he keeps the amp he has now. It would work if he wants to upgrade the amp later. One 12 Icon will fit the budget and will do good but if he wants to move air for 300 the go with 2 dcons. 2 10's or even 2 12's dcons would equal more cone area than 1 12 Icon.
  14. bowtieguy

    Infinite Baffle Driver

    Honestly if you want good bass and from what your saying low, your best bet is no an IB set up. IB is best with the intentions of just adding some bass that mids wont do. If you want to move so air and get low stay away from IB. Build a good box and you will be alot happier.
  15. bowtieguy

    Infinite Baffle Driver

    I normally used sealed boxes too but if you want killer lows the go ported tuned low. You could use the back deck as the top of your box housing the sub(s) and port. To stay around the $300 mark you could use the amp you have for now and go with 2 Dcon 10's or 1 12 either Dcon or SA-12. You could always upgrade to a better amp later. Or keep watching the classifieds for a deal on some good used subs. Unless your wanting to get into some power and money stay with 12" or less. Just my thoughts.
  16. bowtieguy

    Infinite Baffle Driver

    Just got caught up on this topic, So you want to build a sealed box in the trunk now instead of an IB set-up? And either 2 10's or 1 12? budget about $300? Just making sure I am on the right track?
  17. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Well the box, amp rack, and console is ready just waiting on the truck now. Console still has a spot in the lid where the padding was wore from the hole in original cover. Anyone have any good ideas on how to smooth this out short of buying a replacement preformed pad?
  18. bowtieguy

    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    The truck is currently stripped and at the shop getting the tranny rebuilt. Console is getting painted amp rack built and box carpeted. I am "supposed" to get it back friday, if all goes well. Parts for tranny wont be in till thursday so I am keeping my fingers crossed. But new pics of a cleaner install are coming.
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    I been pondering on this for a while so I figured I would ask for some expert advice. If I run say two speakers off one channel of an amp and 1 of the speakers is 4 ohm and 1 is 8 ohm I know it will change the load the amp sees but will it cause the 4 ohm speaker to get more of the wattage in return making it just a little louder than the 8 ohm?
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    Welcome back
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    1000 watt amp... Fuse size?

    I may be wrong but I was told once that 10 amp fuse would be good for 100 watts rms so 25 amp would be 250 rms give or take. But don't quote me on this. The 1000 watt rating would have to be peak (max) not rms if it does put out tht much.
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    I ama 4 hour member :D

    Welcome, you came to a good place to learnabout making cars shake lol
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    Extra Cab Mazda Build

    Well the grey Mazda is sold and gone now and the Sundown 100.2 is in and hooked up so I thought I would post up some fresh pics for ya'll. I know the wiring is still a mess, but I plan to pull everything out when the truck goes to have the transmission rebuilt. While its there I plan to carpet the box and paint the console plus clean up the wiring. But for now its in and playing.
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    newb here..HI TO ALL!

    Welcome aboard, I like mine loud and clear.
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    Bromos Build Log

    Bring on the warm weather, tired of this cold rainy sh!t we been having. We all got work to do