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  1. sundownz

    Sundown SA-12 Klippel Test

    Finally got it done -- something I've wanted to do for quite some time now. Our published X-Max is dead on by both BL and CMS definitions -- we publish 19mm one-way travel. Inductive performance is above average as well. Our published T/S specs are also very well close to the Klippel data -- the one we sent in was just a tad less broken in than the unit published on our site so the Klippel FS was a few Hz higher but as you can tell if you know about the effects of break-in it will settle right in to exactly what we say. Those that don't look at Klippel often may note the BL curve is slightly to one side -- this is not unusual in production tolerance. The shift represents the coil 2mm too far forward. This is within an acceptable production tolerance and as you can see does not interfere with the 19mm of published linear x-max. The CMS curve is also a tad tilted -- this is because a normal surround is always biased in stiffness one direction. Again, very normal behavior without going to an exotic type surround. Little bit of tech talk along with published Klippel data for you guys. Hope you enjoy.
  2. sundownz

    Sundown SD-2 "500-watt" Line Photos

    Could not break it... part II uploading now as well. This thing is super rugged.
  3. sundownz

    Sundown SD-2 "500-watt" Line Photos

    Taco, Paco, and I have spent the last half hour trying to break the SD-2 prototype with no luck... two YouTube videos coming up. Ran out of camera memory on both of them trying to break it *laughs* PS: Taco and Paco are summer interns.
  4. sundownz

    Sundown SD-2 "500-watt" Line Photos

    Little bit of testing while breaking it in for T/S measurements. Getting on it pretty hard here in the video.
  5. Prototypes arrived today... working on doing full break-in to measure official specs. Honestly I am super happy with the prototypes -- I do plan to tool a magnet boot and put our logo on the cap but I don't think any other changes are needed at all. SD-2 12" Measured Mounting Depth = 5.25" SD-2 10" Measured Mounting Depth = 4.75" ----- Early price estimates -- MAP price (actual price paid from dealer) (SA cost for comparison) SA-10 v.1 : $185 SA-12 v.1 : $195 SD-2 10 : $150 SD-2 12 : $160 Pre-ordering would be something like : SD-2 10 : $115 SD-2 12 : $125 That would be shipped in the continental 48 states. Once I do some testing we'll have an ETA and a time when pre-ordering will begin. ----- * Quite a bit less depth than the SA series for depth restricted applications.
  6. sundownz

    Partial Closure Next Week : 5/23 to 5/27

    I will be on the forums and whatnot but keep this in mind this week.
  7. sundownz

    Working on 500-watt Line

    The specs before break-in period are as follows as measured by the factory (I will break-in and measure again after arrival) : SD-2 10" D4 : Fs: 39.7 Hz Re: 8.0 ohms Qms: 5.45 Qes: 0.56 Qts: 0.52 Cms: 0.09 mm/N Mms: 178 g BL: 24.7 NA Vas: 13.8 L Sens: 83.5 dB 1w/1m Le: 4.06 mH SD-2 10" D2 : Fs: 36.7 Hz Re: 4.0 ohms Qms: 5.51 Qes: 0.48 Qts: 0.45 Cms: 0.10 mm/N Mms: 184 g BL: 18.7 NA Vas: 15.6 L Sens: 83.9 dB 1w/1m Le: 2.69 mH SD-2 12" D4 : Fs: 38.8 Hz Re: 8.0 ohms Qms: 6.18 Qes: 0.69 Qts: 0.62 Cms: 0.09 mm/N Mms: 195 g BL: 23.5 NA Vas: 31.7 L Sens: 86.1 dB 1w/1m Le: 4.14 mH SD-2 12" D2 : Fs: 36.8 Hz Re: 4.0 ohms Qms: 6.06 Qes: 0.58 Qts: 0.53 Cms: 0.08 mm/N Mms: 225 g BL: 18.9 NA Vas: 30.2 L Sens: 86.0 dB 1w/1m Le: 2.63 mH
  8. sundownz

    Working on 500-watt Line

    I am working on a line for those with depth restrictions -- NOT a true shallow woofer but something that just isn't super deep as most of our drivers are big, nasty, deep woofers. The ultra-shallow market is not something we plan to get into but I thought something shallower than the SA line would be nice. Our future "E" series line with stamped frame was not designed as a reduced depth driver either so we would have left this market totally untouched. SD-2 10" -- 4 7/8" Depth SD-2 12" -- 5 3/8" Depth These will fit many under-seat truck enclosure applications. We had an SD-1 and SD-1 v.2 series some time back that were very popular in the truck market... so naturally these will be called SD-2 as the successor. The coil will be a 2.5" former with 30mm winding length combined with a 15mm top plate -- this gives us 12.0mm linear one-way travel and 22.5mm before coil leaves the gap. Dual-2 and Dual-4 options will be available with a rating of 500-watts RMS. We will have 25mm before anything bottoms out -- so a bit over double the linear travel before anything nasty happens. The cone, spider, and dust cap will be the same as our SA line -- very rugged parts. The latest SA series ventilation spacer will not be present on these models as it would add 0.4" of depth -- the frame will be a 4-spoke with vent holes liked the older SA series drivers. The coil ventilation will also be different from the SA line as well. Pricing is pending but will be cheaper than the SA line, of course. I am pretty excited about this line all in all. ---- Prototypes completed over the weekend and I'll have them soon ! If these looks beefy to you for a "shallow 500-watt" driver -- they should... the magnet slug is a full 7" diameter x 1" tall slug -- half of the current SA woofer. So it has some heft !
  9. Shop will be partially closed next week. We will still respond to as many e-mails as possible and as many products as possible will go out. We will not be open for phone calls or be at 100% shipping / building capacity. Don't worry, though, after next week we'll be back to work and we'll have an extra worker at least for the summer ! Also -- bit of a hiccup this week. My accounting / book keeping computer went out over the weekend. I ordered a power supply for it next day air yesterday -- still waiting on it to arrive to start going through orders to enter and ship. Hoping it arrives before lunch so I can get some work done today!
  10. sundownz

    Sundown NeoPro-8 and 10s in stock !

    http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/1238679-post9.html "I have had focal, rainbow,MB quart,and alot of other sets of components and these sound just as good but get ten times louder If u have never had pa mids they have a slight warmer sound then most car speakers and can sometimes sound really flat and vocally mostly because most pa speaker are designed to be in enclosures. But since Jacob designed these to be ran ib these are perfect for car doors. Once u seperate the rear wave from the front (mounting them in a door) they really cone alive and produce very detailed sound. I have my doors sealed up with sound deadened so I have created a true ib environment for the mids. From what I can tell with xover points the Neo pro naturally drops off around 4500-5k and it does so quickly but most tweets should be able to take over from there easily .... all in all some of the best pa mids I have heard" Reviews coming in a bit now.
  11. sundownz

    Sundown NeoPro-8 and 10s in stock !

    My ears are ringing from the pre-orders being tested *laughs* We'll have to test them on LPF or we'll all go deaf.
  12. 100-watts RMS 8s / $99 each from authorized dealer 200-watts RMS 10s / $115 each from authorized dealer Frequency range is ~80-5000 Hz on these -- the bottom end crossover point depends largely on how much power is ran to them. 8 ohm coils for large setups where you would be connecting 4 per channel to an SAX-125.2 or SAX-100.4 or 8 per channel on an SAX-200.4 These drivers are extremely light and relatively shallow so will fit in many locations easily and also will not weigh down doors with large quantities of drivers as bad as ferrite drivers. Standard Madisound grilles should fit them -- we will test it shortly.
  13. sundownz

    SA-8 Updates -- 4/15/11

    Few updates : 1) I am running a full container load of the v.1 SA-8s to meet demand -- these will be in stock in July. So we'll be sold out for a bit as the massive amount we just got recently are already nearly depleted. 2) This run of v.1 models will have the v.2 frame on them -- as there are reasons beyond cosmetic for the frame. They will be fully compatible with any SA-8 with the newest surround and spider, though. From the front will look no different either. 3) Once these are gone then we'll work on launching the v.2 models -- R&D is almost done on them. But they should be out around August to September. Sean will be up next week to try out the latest SA-8 v.2 sample -- I feel like it is probably where it needs to be for launch but we want to make sure before actually putting them out to the public so I am making a massive v.1 run as I mentioned to hold us over
  14. sundownz

    A few E8 questions.

    250 is okay in most applications. 0.2-0.3 sealed or 0.6 vented