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  1. Just got my truck paid off last year, 2 days later I was in getting a loan for my '69 mustang. Now I am looking into getting a lincoln navigator and trading my truck in. Here is one that seems to be a good price that I may try to get, or something around that price range(I'm thinking no more than 22k-24k)
  2. 1969_stang

    What are you paying for fuel?

    I don't know what it is on land but I know it is around 4ish a gallon for 91, but my parents own a marina and it is 4.59 a gallon for 93 and we had a donzi that came in last week that got over 200 gallons... you do the math not good.
  3. 1969_stang

    How do you hold your steering wheel?

    Usually the left hand on the top, then the right had on my shifter so I can change tracks on my radio or volume etc. it is an automatic with the shifter on the steering column The other type I use isn't listed It is an 8 and 4 or 7 and 5 I actually found out those are the ones you are "supposed" to use, because of the way you turn while at 10 and 2 it causes more broken wrists and noses due to being in a partial turn and the hand being at the top of the wheel.
  4. 1969_stang

    Whats Your Mileage?

    2003 silverado 78k 1969 mustang 93k(don't know if the odometer was reset though)
  5. 1969_stang

    What are you paying for fuel?

    Have you ever thought of putting a stereo in one of those? I always thought it would be neat but your gas mileage would go down horribly. 3.80 ish here on land for 87 At my our marina yesterday I filled up a donzi with 93 octane and it was $936.00 was 4.59 a gallon. I could not immagine spending nearly a thousand dollars to fill up a tank.
  6. 1969_stang

    Fastest You've Ever Gone in Your Car?

    100ish in my truck, it has a govener but I don't think it had much more. 95ish in my mustang, it is way low geared.
  7. 1969_stang

    The most valuable auction car in the world

    inside a bomb shelter... lol
  8. 1969_stang

    Making custom subwoofer guards...

    Yeah a heat gun might work good. Also I was thinking of using Delrin rods because I am pretty sure you can dye delrin and I know you can heat it up to make it bend.
  9. 1969_stang

    Making custom subwoofer guards...

    Yeah that's a good idea too, I figured when I get it I can just use a propane torch and slowly heat it so I can bend it.
  10. 1969_stang

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    We had school canceled Thursday because we were SUPPOSED to get 5-8 inches by noon, at around noon the weather channel changed it to 2-4 and said it wasn't going to start snowing till 3 PM. So we got school canceled with absolutely no snow and no snow throughout the day(we could have done a full day and gone home and gotten home right as it started snowing.) And then school got canceled Friday because we had a whole 3 inches of snow and the state trucks didn't even get the highway touched until about 8 hours after it stopped snowing. But ohwell, I made about 200 on this snow and my dad said he will help me buy a termlab if I put in that 200 so wooohoo I will be getting a termlab soon if nothing falls through.
  11. 1969_stang

    2 swr1242d's and saz 1500d

    Sounds good but PLEASE try to put some this foam tape around the outside edges of the gas cap cover. Just an idea but should reduce the rattling A LOT.
  12. 1969_stang

    Video Games!

    Additions 360: Crackdown PC: Halo Combat Evolved, CS:S DOD:S, COD4 Oh, and YAY post 69!!! God I love that number, haha Yeah, whenever I saw his post I realized I had 69 posts but it was too late to post that it was my 69th post.
  13. 1969_stang

    Video Games!

    Yeah I hate the comet stars where you only have one health...hard
  14. 1969_stang

    Genesis vs Zapco

    I don't know about those two amps, but have you thought about the sundown 100.4?
  15. 1969_stang

    I think ROE has finally died.

    No we still have to get Joe to join to make it complete.... :mask: