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  1. Well, we took trophys home in three classes at MECA World Finals as well as other trophys for other accompi\lishments. We had Josh Kleckner win the coveted Best of the Best in MECA for the overall best SQ, SPL and Install scores combined. Herman Smith won Meca Head of the Year, he also won top score in Modified division for the year, with the highest points. I took third place in Masters Class out of 5 contestants with nothing but our two way 6.5 inch Passive components and a LP2250 in the Escape, with no external processing just he Kenwood DNX9980 A/V headunit. Linear Power Inc. won Manufacturer of the Year again, for the 3rd straight year. At Spring Break Nationals, we took 1st place in Street Class, 2nd in Modified, 3rd in Modified, and I took 2nd in Masters Class, again with only our LP6.5CP two way 6.5 inch passive component set and the 2250. We had people standing in line all day both days, to hear the Escape in the Audiophile Listening Area and Herman/s Dodge truck in the main booth.
  2. linearpower

    Can I Bridge My Lp 4753Iq?

    You can run two channels bridged using the internal crossover switch and the other two channels in 4 ohm stereo. If the bridged channel has a 4 ohm mono load on it, the power supply has to be set to 2 ohm setting. This allows the amp to work properly bridged into this load but it will reduce the power to the full range channels some. All this should be in the manual.
  3. linearpower

    Can I Bridge My Lp 4753Iq?

    You are wanting to run it actively, one half (2 channels) to tweeters and the other half to woofers? You have a two way component set?
  4. linearpower

    Can I Bridge My Lp 4753Iq?

    When bridging an 8 ohm load and running 4 ohm stereo simultaneously on the same two channels that is the same as a 2 ohm load per channel. This is why the amp has to be in the 2 ohm taps.
  5. linearpower

    Can I Bridge My Lp 4753Iq?

    You have to run an 8 ohm bridged load along with a 4 ohm stereo load with the power supply set to 2 ohms to run mixed/mono (stereo and mono) at the same time. Of course if you are running the other two channels 4 ohm stereo, their output will be reduced some by running the amp with the 2 ohm taps. You would also have to wire a passive crossover ( inductor coil) into the speaker wires going from the amp to the sub to crossover the low output which eats up power also and causes a phase shift. You cannot use the internal electronic crossover set for low pass if you want to play stereo full range off the same channels at the same time. It's much better to just run the amp using the internal active crossover and use one half the amp (2 channels) for the sub and the other two channels for full range speakers.
  6. linearpower

    Teamcapri 1992 Mercury Capri Xr2

    CoverKing custom makes dash pads for almost any application.
  7. linearpower

    Teamcapri 1992 Mercury Capri Xr2

    Depends on the dispersion angle of the speaker and where it is pointed, but even forgetting that the dashmat still helps the sound to keep sound from bouncing around the dash and windshield. We had the tweeters on the Door sail panels before and it still helped.
  8. linearpower

    Teamcapri 1992 Mercury Capri Xr2

    Yes, the dashmat absorbs sound that would normally reflect off the hard dash plastic. These out of phase reflections muddy the stage and imaging.
  9. linearpower

    Older(90's) Blues 8" 4Ohm Speaker Specs

    The enclosure volume for the ISO-KIT is roughly half the volume of one standard woofer. The enclosure volume is AFTER the displacement of the woofer and any port. A ISO-KIT 8 takes up .18 CF if the complete unit is in the enclosure. If only the rear woofer is mounted in the enclosure, the displacement would only be around .05 CF. hardly worth adding it to the calculations. The older woofers (from the late 1980's or early 90's) have a higher Fs and a larger enclosure requirement than the new speakers do. The new ISO-KIT 8 will work in as low as .35 CF, we recommend .5 CF as a good compromise. The older ISO KIT 8 will need a minimum of about .55 and a recommended enclosure of ,65 to .75 CF. The larger enclosure volume will help increase low frequency output and offset the higher Fs of the driver.
  10. linearpower

    Older(90's) Blues 8" 4Ohm Speaker Specs

    I can try to dig those specs up on the old 4 ohm 8's.The ISO-KIT specs are not going to help, that was for two 8 ohm 8's and would not be the same due to the impedance, and also would not measure the same as two 8 inch speakers tested separately.
  11. linearpower

    Taylor's 2003 Ranger Extended Cab

    Cool good luck with the build, waiting to see more! ISO loading your subs does several things. It cuts down on cone distortion, it gives greater dynamics and punch, it requires half of the air space to make the same bass as one woofer, with two motor structures it will handle more electrical power. Kicker Solobaric or any other small box woofer was designed under the same theory as isobaric design. The only characteristic that they maintained with the traditional isobaric design was the use of a smaller enclosure. To have one woofer act in theory like two woofers in a isobaric enclosure the moving mass has to double. To have one cone weigh twice as much as normal reduces efficiency, it also requires a heavier suspension to keep it under control ( you have to be able to start and stop the heavier weighted cone ) this makes a slower, more muddy less dynamic bass. Motor structure is also increased to try to increase drive to this heavier and stiffer assembly. Which is all counterproductive to dynamic natural bass response and requires even bigger amps to move this monster that has now been cleared. It has one purpose now and that is more of a SPL woofer not for quality sound. A isobaric loaded pair of highly efficient lighter suspension and light weight coned woofers have greater transient response and dynamics. Since the two drivers are air coupled in the tightly sealed small area between the two drivers all the acoustic energy from the rear speaker is driven into the front speaker cone re-enforcing the energy already driving the front cone. Isobaric design gives you more bass from smaller space, but it doesn't ruin the sound quality aspect of your bass response to get it. It can actually improve your bass. The ISO-KIT 8 and 10, are premade kits that just drop in a standard 10 inch or 12 inch woofer location. They require no work from you to fabricate anything other than a basic sealed or ported enclosure. And the clear cylinder that attaches the two drivers, minimize the air space in the sealed compartment between the two speakers which further increase the effect and efficiency.
  12. You aught to have been showing your car enough now that it is making a considerable impression with the opposing teams. I hope you can generate sales of the product with your hard work and competitions.
  13. I stay away from processors if at all possible. Just look for a head unit that has the needed EQ and time alignment features built in. As SQaudio has shown, as well as others, our systems need very little correction in response.
  14. Where u getting 8's from?? iSO-KIT?
  15. Mike had no time alignment in the Trailblazer either, and ran a passive set of components. The 8's do have somewhat reduced detail in the mid but also seem to have a greater warmth in the vocal. It's a give and take. Yes, an EQ would iron the small differences out. Also, time alignment and the use of an active set should reduce or completely correct any rainbow effect of sound pulling to the doors. Time alignment even on a passive component set should help reduce the rainbow effect considerably.