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  1. Synergy Audio

    Synergy Audio 4.150X Amplifier

    Our Class AB 4 channel featuring a 2 way active capable pre amp section. 150 watts rms x 4 channels. Japanese Sanken outputs for audiophile grade sound quality.
  2. Synergy Audio

    Ssa Evil6.5

  3. Synergy Audio

    Welcome Synergy To Ca-F

    Thank you for the welcome Aaron. I'll be posting up all our amplifier and loudspeaker specifications along with the great pictures Mark took.
  4. Synergy Audio

    Aq3500 Vs. Bc3500

    Would be cool if someone posted internals. http://www.crescendoaudio.com/index.php/products/amplifiers/item/bc3500d.html Crescendo-3500 http://www.soundqubed.com/AQ3500D1-Amplifier_p_32.html Original AQ-3500 has been replaced by the AQ-3500.1
  5. Synergy Audio

    Aq3500 Vs. Bc3500

    Just an FIY the AQ 3500.1 is more powerful and is closer to a 4k amplifier in output. The orignial AQ 3500 and Crescendo 3500 share the same board layout and same buildhouse.
  6. Synergy Audio

    Sneak Peak at the new Gcon (formerly Fcon)

    Ohhhh can i has? Love the look of this new SSA driver !
  7. Synergy Audio

    Does anybody here use bass pump?

    Aura Sound made the "Bass Shakers" Welcome ....
  8. Synergy Audio

    advice on wall positioning

    Depends on if you're competing and what organization you belong to. Most want it behind the B-pillar. Port placement tends to be more important when SPL is concerned.
  9. Synergy Audio

    2011/2012 Team Nemesis-DJ build

    Great vids and some very impressive vids! Keep up the great work!
  10. Congrats LP and Blues Car Audio!
  11. Synergy Audio

    WTB: Oz Audio Matrix Elite

    No didn't win and went another direction with my old pair of Coustic DR 5.25" and some Morel tweets I bought off a friend. Basically the model between the MT-12 and the MT-22 from a few years back.
  12. Synergy Audio

    WTB: Oz Audio Matrix Elite

    Thanks Randal! I could read the frustration in your last few posts over on SSA.
  13. Synergy Audio

    WTB: Oz Audio Matrix Elite

    just found a set of tweets on eBay wish me luck...
  14. Looking for the tweeters and passive crossovers to match the 5.25" mids I have. PM me a shipped price to 57201. Trying to complete the system below. Thanks