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  1. and the search is still on lol
  2. bump..... still looking for 1
  3. @ 6APPEAL if you can post up some pics that would be great and what would you be asking for it ? @ smoothfidelty that would be great if the seller still has the empty box and is willing to sell it and thanks in advance for doing the foot work for me, and as for building a box in all my years installing box building was never my best skill always had a fellow worker build one for me lol i know its easy to do but i just draw a blank when it comes to building a box
  4. hay thanks for the quick replys i am looking for either the car box or the truck box its been such along time since i bought it my memory is not that good lol, I had it installed in one of my old jeep wranglers and it fit right behind the rear seat if anybody has some pictures with model #`s i would be able to tell which one i had did not know that they offered a car and a truck box so i would have to see a picture of them, but i do remember it did not have carpet on it, it was solid black and around 25w and about 12h thats all i can give for info about it so any help would be great
  5. like the title states looking for an old school trisobaric sub box from around the mid 90`s i know there are a few different styles, the one that i am after is the 10" with the 2 8" so you can pm here or send me an email at theomen999@aol.com and i thank you in advance