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  1. jfrost89

    wtb kicker 2500

    Im looking to buy a kicker 2500 to run my two solox 12s
  2. Im selling my 4 new sa-15s dual 2 ohm 190$ per sub plus shipping or trade for 10s or 12s. I baught these subs 2 months ago and i never installed them and now I baught a new vehicle and i dont have room for them so im looking to sell or trade for something i can use.
  3. jfrost89

    WTB 2 18's 2 15's 4 12's

    I have 4 new SA-15s dual 2 ohm ill take 190 + shipping for.
  4. jfrost89

    WTB: big 12s or big 15

    I have 4 new sundown SA-15 ill take 190$ + shipping.
  5. jfrost89


    I have 2 new sundown sa-15s ill take 190 + shipping for.