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  1. So I've decided to part with my Zapco amps. Im selling my DC650.6 and my DC200.2. Specs can be found here for the 650.6 - DC Reference series>DC650.6 and here for the 200.2 - DC Reference series>DC200.2 Pics - 650.6 small scratch 200.2 Price is 600 +shipping for the 650.6 and $250+ shipping for the 200.2 Comes with everything except software needed to tune the amps
  2. jagblazer01

    FS: DD 3518

  3. jagblazer01

    FS: DD 3518

    Picked up a blown 3518 from canyouhearmatt and I really dont need it now since my build is going in a different direction. Asking 250 +shipping. But all resonable offers will be considered
  4. jagblazer01

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    woooo i signed up tooo lol
  5. jagblazer01

    jagblazer01's interior build

    lol well come to the USAudio show in June and you will see it.....or 12Voltz is holding a dB drag even too the day after the USAudio show. I think its the 21st and 22nd
  6. jagblazer01

    jagblazer01's interior build

    alrighty...finally got some updates....been short on money lately so the build has kinda stalled. The center console and dash bezel should be picked up this weekend. In the mean time here are some pics of the new sub setup that will be going into my truck in the next couple weeks first: the new amp (memphis 4kw ) the external fusing that came with the amp just so you know, thats 2 250 amp anl fuses in that fuse block lol woofer - 08 15" Mojo D4 (this is one of 2) Batteries: still need to pick up a kinetik 1800 for under the hood and last but not least....new power wire got my buddy (hillbillyinohio) desiging me a box. hopefully should sound pretty good
  7. jagblazer01

    FS: 2 Rainbow iPaul 4.300

    One was used for about 2 months the other for about a month. Looking for money only. no trades sorry. Looking to get $350 +shipping each Im looking into getting a couple new Zapco DC Reference amps to replace these link to specs everything you see in the black is reflections. The amps are in perfect condition
  8. jagblazer01

    Box builds

    awsome work as always rich....any of those the box u built for me?? lol also, was that one center console the one u built for corey? i think it was corey lol
  9. jagblazer01

    jagblazer01's interior build

    here ya go...new pics truck is going in the shop this weekend for the start of the center console. The dash is gonna be sanded and painted to match the interior again in the next week or so.
  10. jagblazer01

    jagblazer01's interior build

    just got the brand new pioneer avh-p4000dvd double din installed this weekend....will get pics up asap
  11. jagblazer01

    Competitions or shows coming up?

    there is a meca show coming up at the end of april here in baltimore....i can get some more info if you guys like
  12. looking good rich.....great progress. wish i lived closer, id be more then happy to come help you out
  13. jagblazer01

    Audio Lot f/s

    hu & caps sold
  14. jagblazer01

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    ROE is down...but there's nothing new there lol