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  1. The FJ was requested at a video shoot not to long ago..still got a couple more shoots to take, but here is the "sneak peak" for it..
  2. Here are a few videos of the FJ http://s91.photobucket.com/user/prorabbit/media/DC_Creations/20131026_225326_zps412e123e.mp4.html http://s91.photobucket.com/user/prorabbit/media/DC_Creations/VIDEO0026_zpsa922e4c8.mp4.html
  3. And if you didn't notice, he got it stripped.
  4. Got it halfway done for a show we went to on Sunday. Just had to make it "presentable" so to speak.
  5. Little update..... 31.5" tall kerfs... yes please
  6. pro-rabbit

    My New Little Trusty Mazda P5 & Rx8

    I heard all wood across the country was on back order.... sorry bud....
  7. pro-rabbit

    My New Little Trusty Mazda P5 & Rx8

    I got word that there was going to be an upgrade to one of your cars in the next week..... should be exciting from what I can tell
  8. pro-rabbit

    Looking For A/v Install Ideas/photos

    We do several of those during the summer normally (pretty common car here). We have done anything from basic wood working and straight forward installs...to fiberglass and such... Mainly depends on the goals, product, and if you are a DIYer or if you plan to pay to have things installed.
  9. pro-rabbit

    Various pictures of our work

    We order those LED's from another vendor some time ago. Ordered a 20' roll and that was the last of em. Hard to pass up some of the prices we can get LED rolls for lol
  10. pro-rabbit

    Various pictures of our work

    yea, not your LED's yet. Should have some pics of your's lighting up another logo in just a few days
  11. pro-rabbit

    Build Pics/vids

    In the FJ's last setup we gained nearly 6 db from going from 2 ohm strapped to .5 strapped.
  12. pro-rabbit

    Various pictures of our work

    Thanks Aaron... That is the truck I confiscate the most for shows lol.. Here is what it looks like...
  13. pro-rabbit

    Various pictures of our work

    Got the plexi done for the cadilac on Friday.... Also built a Monte Carlo in just under a couple days from for a buddy of ours... Here is the car sitting at his apartment...
  14. pro-rabbit

    Various pictures of our work

    Yep, playing and rather impressively. He is doing mid to high 140's below 40hz