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  1. My background sucks :(

  2. burko

    Amplifier Decision

    OP, I would look into something like this: http://www.db-r.com/...ath=65_67_69_80 I've heard nothing but good things about this company. I believe they are Sundown's only official refurbished amplifier dealer. *EDIT: Oops, 98GMC beat me to it. Completely looked over his post. It still stands though
  3. burko

    FS: AQ2200D Like New!

    Thanks guys! Tell your friends someone's got a like new AQ2200 for sale
  4. burko

    FS: AQ2200D Like New!

    Open to trades to the following: 4 channel amplifiers Mono amplifiers 4500 watts or more If you have a subwoofer/speakers to trade, don't even ask!
  5. Didn't see any rules about a minimum post count... If I'm breaking any rules, please let me know. If a moderator feels the need to delete this post, I'll be happy to oblige. For sale today is my like new AQ2200D. I purchased this amplifier in March of 2011 directly from Audioque, and didn't receive it from them until May. I'm bumping up to a bigger system and I no longer have a need for this beast! This amp is in like new condition, 10/10 in both appearance and performance. If you have any questions, reply on here or send me a PM! Asking $400 shipped. Sorry about only putting SSA in this picture. Wasn't thinking at the time **And to clarify: My box is NOT resting on top of the amp. It is suspended about 2 inches above it. That picture is a bit misleading! I won't be taking the amp out of my current install until it sells, because I still use it! This amplifier had the gains set correctly the day I got it, and has never been run at full tilt. I take care of my stuff!