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  1. ParrishTechGroup

    2002 Chevy Blazer Sql Build!

    Wow, that looks great!!! Nice work.
  2. ParrishTechGroup

    What would you like to see to help grow CA-F?

    I haven't posted in a while, even though I still check it from time to time. Due to job changes, moves, etc., my cars keep changing so I thought I would wait until I actually finished a build before I started posting again. Too many "false starts". I like the site and think there is some good info to be had here. I do wish there was more activity. However, hard for me to complain about something that I myself contribute to. Anyway, if I can come up with any ideas in this small brain of mine, I'll surely suggest them. Sorry for the kind of rambling post.
  3. ParrishTechGroup

    Calling Anyone With Knowledge On Lp

    Well said Hyper.
  4. ParrishTechGroup

    Calling Anyone With Knowledge On Lp

    Been a while since I've been able to get on the forum. Wow, just finished reading this thread. I have in my hand the technical specs on the new Linear Power amplifiers. I've just read through them for about the 20th time. It is neither my place or my intention to post those specs to this forum. I can tell you that if you contact Linear Power, I'm sure they will be happy to provide them to you. I can also tell you they are very easy to get in touch with. I have e-mailed and phoned them hundreds of times, always either getting someone immediately or hearing back from them later that day. Two of the technical specs that have been posted several times are the 3 oz. copper circuit board and heavy gauge copper buss bar reinforcement in critical high current areas of the amps, Some of the other notable specs directly from the Linear Power website include the highest quality output devices from Motorola, highest quality Burr Brown op amps, and all the amps are rated at 12.8v. Just about every other amp out there today is rated at 14.4v. I've personally held the amps in my hands and inspected them closely. The quality of components, care and accuracy of placement, and overall high quality of the amplifier is easily felt and seen. I've listened to them in several different vehicles, the quality of sound speaks for itself. As I always tell anyone who questions the quality: please, please just sit in a vehicle and listen to one. After that, if you don't feel they are everything and MORE than advertised, go buy something else, its that easy. I really don't understand what the debate is. Just to recap, if any specs are desired that are not already available from the LP website, just contact them. They will be more than happy to answer all of your questions, provide additional specs, etc. That really should take care of that portion. If you would like to see how they sound, just look someone up who has one and take a listen. Would you buy a car before you test drive it? I think not. Other than that, I really don't see what the issue is, the subject is not difficult, and the information is readily available for anyone that is interested. Sorry, one last thing. Let me save anyone the trouble and go ahead and admit, yes, I LOVE Linear Power!!!!!
  5. ParrishTechGroup

    Various pictures of our work

    Good night, 24 10's has to be crazy loud. I really like the logos and names you have set into the boxes, looks very nice.
  6. ParrishTechGroup

    New Build - 1995 Cadillac El Dorado

    You could just send it to me while you wait and let me do my magic on the lights lol. Yeah, I wish I could have done that. I did stop by in Jackson for a few on my way out to say hi to the guys. Listened to the Escape again, unreal how good that thing sounds! Finally made it out here. Hopefully be setting up getting the car shipped in the next couple of weeks so I can get it finished!!
  7. ParrishTechGroup

    New Head Unit

    No desire to fix it? Yes and no. I guess I could give it one attempt, but I don't want to risk opening it up and I have read a few people did not have success with the grounding the RCA out's trick. I could always put the old 8053 in. But damn that thing is complex haha. Weird that some have had issues with it not working, unless when the fuse blew it got to a different component before it let loose. The traces on the board go through the fuse right to the ground. A few pics of my fix, please ignore the soldering job. I haven't had any issues except the fuse holder I got being a bit crummy. Hmm....I've read through this thread. Maybe I missed it, but what are the symptoms of the blown fuse? So far, mine is holding up. Didn't realize this was an issue. Nice fix. Pretty or not, if it works, saves you having to unload cash on another.
  8. ParrishTechGroup

    New Build - 1995 Cadillac El Dorado

    Thank you guys!! Work on this will be very limited over the next many weeks. About to head out west and the car will be staying here until the shippers get it in the near future. I will, of course, post any updates to the install if they occur.
  9. ParrishTechGroup

    Linear Power & Morel - 2007 Benz Clk55 Amg

    Wow, I just don't have enough adjectives for this. Very nice!
  10. ParrishTechGroup

    Linear Power & Dynaudio - 2012 Bmw 3 Series

    That's some very nice, exceptionally clean work. I love it.
  11. ParrishTechGroup

    New Build - 1995 Cadillac El Dorado

    Yes, I've been having some internet problems and I guess I posted it twice. Sorry about that. Please feel free to remove one of them if you can. I'll try to get more, and better, pictures soon. Thank you!!
  12. ParrishTechGroup

    New Build - 1995 Cadillac El Dorado

    Just uploaded a few pictures. I know I'm slow, left the camera in the car for a while.
  13. ParrishTechGroup

    New Build - 1995 Cadillac El Dorado

    Just uploaded a few pictures. I know I'm slow, left the camera in the car for a while.
  14. ParrishTechGroup

    New Head Unit

    I have the 80prs and have been happy with it so far. Once you get used to the menus, there's really nothing to it in my opinion.
  15. ParrishTechGroup

    My New Little Trusty Mazda P5 & Rx8

    Very nice work Aaron. I would love to be able to listen to it sometime.