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  1. Acidburn

    Who all has AAA service

    I don't, but I probably should.
  2. Acidburn

    Your Favorite Production Interior

    '55 Chevy '63 Corvette
  3. Acidburn

    What are you paying for fuel?

    paid over $4 for 91 for the first time today
  4. Acidburn

    Finally got signed up

  5. Acidburn

    100 Best Bars in America - By State...

    From looking at the ones listed for AZ, I think this is best bars for people over 50
  6. the EFIJY is gorgeous, but it will never be produced
  7. Acidburn

    Scion unveils odd-looking Hako Concept

    ...that looks real good?
  8. Acidburn

    Favorite Car to Drive

    would love to see pics of that
  9. Acidburn

    Fastest You've Ever Gone in Your Car?

    '96 Impala SS: 150 '67 Camaro: 98 (don't think it had any more to go)
  10. Acidburn

    Does your car have a name?

    the big one (Impala) and the little one (Camaro)
  11. Acidburn

    Whats Your Mileage?

    1967 Camaro: 137,2xx 1996 Impala SS: 136,0xx
  12. Acidburn

    What are you paying for fuel?

    last time I filled up, it was ~3.81 for 91
  13. Acidburn

    Favorite Car to Drive

    '67 Camaro with 250 straight 6 and a 3 speed Saginaw it's been in my family since new, it's gorgeous, steel, and lacking in all the bullshit that new(er) cars have
  14. Acidburn

    What's the weather like where you are at?

    supposed to be 108* tomorrow and Tuesday, and then 76 on Thursday wtf
  15. Acidburn

    I'm back