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  1. Speed

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    I've been sick as a dog. My kids brought home some kind of a stomach virus. They had it first, lasted a day. My wife got it, lasted 3 days. I got it, going on 4 days. It's completely debilitating. No strength at all. Hard to even type. Aaron, do you know this guy? http://forums.evolutionm.net/evom-newbie-faqs-forum/519085-new-here.html
  2. Speed

    this is driving me nuts

    How is the amplifier grounded?
  3. Speed

    Happy 31st sadistic_customs

    Best wishes S_C!
  4. Speed

    Happy Birthday Speed

    I woke up yesterday to a birthday greeting from every forum I belong to. lol Thanks a lot, guys. I really appreciate it.
  5. Speed

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    I'll give you a hell of a deal if you want it. The disc is stuck inside. Intuitively, the transport should work after it's removed, but you know how these things go.
  6. Speed

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Thanks! Admittedly, it wasn't something I'd planned on, but it's the best option for this project - excellent ergonomics, quick changer/CD access, and lighting that (almost) matches the dash. I'll probably post the decks for sale, and some other stuff, over the weekend. There's a certain pair of speakers I want to try. If they're as good as the native music....
  7. Speed

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Ordered an Alpine 105 this morning. It's essentially the same as the 102 I already have with a direct Ai-net input for the changer. <grin> I decided 3 things: I really don't like anything about the 9887 except for its ergonomics. The 102 is pretty good. [and] If a speaker needs more tuning that a standard Alpine Bass Engine can provide, it's not right for this project. I'm selling the 102 and the 9887 with the broken transport, if anyone is interested.
  8. Speed

    Project Protege5

    On a similarly important note, is the system finished?
  9. Speed

    A UK member saying Hi

    Good to have you!
  10. Speed

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    I was ready to reinstall the stock speakers yesterday, but decided to give the BAs more time. Besides calling Alpine, how do I find an Alpine changer adapter to fit their 102 deck? It's an Alpine changer and an Alpine deck. The changer works though a Ai interphase. I have it on the 9887, but not on the 102 and I'd really like to be able to use both decks.
  11. Speed

    How not to run an audio company...

    Very interesting. Thanks for the insight.
  12. Like I said, it's 80% driver and 15% tire. Sure, one can dump money into the car, but it isn't necessarily going to make him win. The 6-time National Champion runs a stock-class Mustang with a set of Koni Yellows as its own mod. Of course, he's on R-comps. Hell, we've come in 4th overall on a regional level in a stock 70whp shitbox. This was in a very heavy rainstorm with standing water on the track, and we brought the right tires. Interestingly enough, the shop that preps our car runs several stock block/heads, etc Evolutions in the high-9s. Yea, they break parts.
  13. Speed

    How not to run an audio company...

    If I may: <lol> Sure, because an effective 0-60 launch can be performed anywhere by anyone. Same goes for the 1/4; though the trap speed has a significance. Steady-state skidpad numbers are indicative of nothing. Panic braking does have some meaning. From a driver's POV, how a car feels and the confidence it inspires is what allows one to go faster. We can define confidence as a combination of many factors that can indeed be measured. That's not nearly as simplistic as a bunch of uncorrelated data. I'm really not sure how to approach this. David E. Davis left his position as a longtime C&D Editor in Chief to start Automobile magazine. Davis did this, because C&D's road tests and their numerical breakdowns did nothing to illustrate how the car actually felt to drive. Similarly, J. Gordon Hold left his position as the Technical Editor at High Fidelity magazine (defunct since ~1990) and started publishing Stereophile, because measured performance did little to indicate how a component actually sounded. Just as with (automotive) confidence level, this isn't to say that a combination of factors defining aural perception cannot be measured, once they are defined. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your perceptive. As a mobile audio manufacturer you may have insight into the situation that others don't. To be clear, I'm not defending Ultra.
  14. Speed

    How not to run an audio company...

    I couldn't make it past page 4. Has anyone there actually listened to the sub? You know what i think of that crowd. Measuring shit is great and it serves a defined purpose; I like to think that we listen to music in lieu of looking at sound waves and interpreting their modulations. Ultimately, someone has to listen to the thing and see how it sounds. I can testify to having had gear in my system that measured terribly - horns, SETs, hand-built phono cartidges - but didn't necessarily sound that way. On a strictly personal level, I prefer to buy electronics that please all my senses including the analytical, so I've never owned SET and probably never will. Phono cartridges, though, are an entirely different matter.
  15. Speed

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    The system is in. I caught a stomach virus, was up almost all night running to the bathroom, and now I'm fading away. Too tired. I'll talk about it tomorrow. Oh, the enclosure didn't fit. It's ~.5" too tall. My fault.