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  1. Just a little build log of what I have done so far, with crappy cell phone pictures. The Truck Making holes to run the wire. Installed grommets for two runs of 1/0, one positive and one negative. Mocked up false floor. Wrapped up and wired up distro blocks. Wired up the stereo Wired up and mounted the amp. finished as it sits now. Still have some ideas to remount the amp/amps. When it gets warmer out Ill be laying down some fiberglass for kickpods and working on mounting tweeters somewhere.
  2. bromo

    12" Flatlyne Review

    Ordering process and packaging. I posted in a topic at SSA asking if they were available in D4 coils because they only listed D2 the places I looked. Nick told me they could do D4 and to email him if I was interested. So following various threads here and other places I decided to go with the Flatlynes because I like to be different and not to many people have them. I emailed Nick(Incriminator) on the 22nd of December and got a reply within a half an hour. I sent payment 10 minutes after I got a reply and an hour after that he emailed me and told me they were added to the list. After all the holidays he emailed me on the 5 of January and told me they were going out that day and I received them on the 7th of January. Upon receiving them I was impressed by the outside of the package, fragile tape and stickers letting the handlers know to be careful with the packages. I like the foam cushion protecting the top of the woofer and the woofer was in a plastic bag as well. The motor was sitting in a half box lined with foam to prevent it sliding around. Each woofer also came with a little care package consisting of a sticker, pamphlet showcasing their product line up and mission statement, a user manual for the woofer consisting of wiring diagrams, enclosure recommendations, and warranty info, and a disclaimer sheet explaining hearing loss and the air driven cooling used. Build quality. This driver is heavier then it looks, shipping weight is 30lbs and I believe that is all driver. I couldn't imagine the top assembly being more then 5lbs leaving about 25lbs for the motor. The surround on the sub feels to be really heavy duty just from the feel of it and I punched through some of the mounting holes which was a little resistive for a tiny screwdriver. The cone appears to be very rigid having a smooth feel to the back and a textured fiberglass feel on the front. The dust cap on the driver is very tasteful not flashy(which I like, not a flashy person at all). The dust cap is also very shallow not a big convex shape also referred to as boob cone. The drivers suspension is stiff only moving about a 1/4 inch when pressing firmly. The driver has stitched leads which is a nice touch and the coils all measured in spec of 2.8 per coil. The ADC is an interesting feature on their lines which raises the basket about 1/4 inch from the motor assembly. Playing the drivers free air you can really tell it works, just playing a 30Hz tone for a minute at ~75watts the motor seemed a few degrees cooler after playing. That means the coils should have stayed cooler then without it. And last the motor assembly, it is about 8 & 1/4 inch in diameter with a top plate of 1 & 1/4 inch tall, about 1 inch tall magnet, and a bottom plate that is about 3/4 of an inch. Almost forgot about the beautiful "black chrome" finish on the motor. Listening impressions Some of the test music included. There was just to many to list. Trick Daddy - F**kin Around 50 Cent
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    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    One man show over here huh. Cant get here to much cause my phone doesn't like this site, gives me unsafe site error and boots me.
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    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    I cant get over here much. I'm on mobile 99% of the time and chrome for the phone doesnt like it. Gives me a malware notice or something and wont let me go further.
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    So Uhhh

    ???? How about an introduction, or a little about what this is.
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    Happy 40Th Bowtieguy

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    What are you listening to (Youtube only version)

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    New I Guess

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    Happy Birthday Emery!

    Happy Birthday
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    Just Sayin Hi

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    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    I just buy it in bulk from amazon or locally, Yep, I'll throw a couple on a partsexpress order or pick some up from lowes .
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    New Ia Sub Photo's

    I thought I heard a rumor of them upgrading it but I'm not positive.
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    New Ia Sub Photo's

    From the picture I don't see the Flatline in there.
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    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Trying to play people against each other to get a better price, even though its "set". I read that wrong.
  15. bromo

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Trying to play people against each other to get a better price, even though its "set".
  16. bromo

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    o looooord no..if it uses the same app as the radio 1-2 leave it bro. the thing doesnt work lol just finished dealing with one. upgraded software and all...just saying form personal exp.. Going to need more then that, what phone were you using, what didn't work about it?
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    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Thinking about getting an appradio3.
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    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    What kind of truck 2010 GMC Canyon http://www.355nation.net/forum/audio-multimedia/52094-crewcab-under-seat-box.html its a ext cab not a crew. There is a build log started on here somewhere. I already have a idea of what I want to do just need to get time, space, motivation,etc.
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    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    What kind of truck 2010 GMC Canyon
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    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Getting the itch to work on my stereo for the truck again, but I have no room to. Started to run Ideas in my head for the sub enclosure, hopefully it will be the final design and Ill be happy with it.
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    New Head Unit

    No desire to fix it? Yes and no. I guess I could give it one attempt, but I don't want to risk opening it up and I have read a few people did not have success with the grounding the RCA out's trick. I could always put the old 8053 in. But damn that thing is complex haha. Weird that some have had issues with it not working, unless when the fuse blew it got to a different component before it let loose. The traces on the board go through the fuse right to the ground. A few pics of my fix, please ignore the soldering job. I haven't had any issues except the fuse holder I got being a bit crummy.
  22. bromo

    New Head Unit

    No desire to fix it?