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    How a Subwoofer is Built - Video

    "How its made" good show.
  3. Every amp does that or else they would be >100% efficient.
  4. Soundsolutionsaudio.com sonicelectronix.com
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    That is the correct address.
  6. bromo

    i'm signing in....

    Signing in. Interesting concept though.
  7. bromo

    Upgrade with limited budget

    I like the idea of the SSA combo. other subs to also keep in mind that will work with the SAE1000D are Mach 5 IXL, IA Death Row, AQ HDC, etc...
  8. bromo

    PC system

    I'm actually kind of embarrassed, I'm still running an Athlon xp 3200 on a asrock mobo with 1.5GB ram, SB audigy, and geforce 7800gt. I'd really like to upgrade but no money to and I almost think by now it would be worth it to wait for the i7 anyways.
  9. bromo

    Upgrade with limited budget

    I totally agree it appears to me to fit in his goals though. I know what sub I would go with but that is because I've had my mind on in for awhile.
  10. bromo

    Upgrade with limited budget

    Are you looking for musically loud or more like bass heavy loud? Do you already have a head unit? And you never really said a budget.
  11. bromo

    attempting a software switch

    Is it going to effect our current accounts?? In other words are we going to have to re register, being that it is two different forum software?
  12. bromo

    A new low

    You should see some of the ones that come off of job hunting sites like career builder or monster. Ive had emails that look really legit they even go through the trouble of setting up a fake site and all. Anyway I got an email asking for my information and cell provider. Cell provider??? I thought why would they need my cell provider. So I did a little research through BBB and other sites and found it to be a fraud.