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  1. bromo

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    ewwww, love my twenty minute jaunt.
  2. bromo

    Gmc Canyon Extended Cab.

    More then welcome to, It probably will change by then though. Already got ideas in my head to change up the false floor / mounting platform, cause something needs to be done.
  3. bromo

    Gmc Canyon Extended Cab.

    Thanks, thats when I first got it. Much dirtier now, also put a tonneau cover on it. I'm already thinking of pulling the GCON out and dropping in the ICON to compare a bit as its been awhile since I've heard my ICON.
  4. bromo

    Amp For Speakers

    Don't bother with those, use RCAs.
  5. bromo

    Amp For Speakers

    What wire?
  6. bromo

    Amp For Speakers

    You either use RCA splitter at the amp or some amps can do it by themselves.
  7. bromo


    They wont do anything really good for you. They don't have enough storage capacity to stop dimming and will end up creating another thing to charge for the electrical system. The only possible thing they would be good for is to filter the power going into the amplifier but the capacitors in the amplifier do that, and if you need it for extra filtering you have bigger problems. So in other words, they are no good and you don't need them.
  8. bromo

    Amp For Speakers

    It will depend on the amplifier your using, most of them will allow you to use the signal you put in for the front for the back channels.
  9. bromo

    3 8's Or 2 10's

    Your going to have to supply more info then that. Its like asking which will be faster a corvette or a corvette.
  10. bromo

    What Sub To Chose

    Have you thought about trying to port a single CVR? What are your maximum dimensions your working with?
  11. bromo


    http://www.kicker.com/sites/default/files/02KX400_600_1200_1AmplifierManual.pdf Pretty good amp, I'd use it over the brutus.
  12. bromo

    What Sub To Chose

    Merged topics. What are you looking for out of the setup?
  13. bromo

    What Amp?

    What is not to expensive?
  14. bromo

    What are you listening to (Youtube only version)

  15. bromo

    New To The Forum

    Sounds like a nice start.
  16. bromo

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Experience > youth.
  17. bromo

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    I stay up for 24 hrs, crash, sleep a couple hours and am wide awake at 3am..... wtf annoying as shit.