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    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Feeling used...
  2. bromo

    Xplicit Audio - New Company

    Edited your topic, if you wish to become a vendor contact the administrator.
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    Please contact the forum admin for a vendor section.
  4. bromo

    1998 Ford Mustang

    Look forward to seeing it.
  5. bromo

    Amp Protect Mode

    Depends on what you consider blown, typically when I hear blown I think of an open coil but I supposed it could also be taken as a shorted coil. Open will present an infinite amount of resistance on the amplifier and wont cause it to protect, a shorted coil will present a minimal amount of resistance (well below the amps minimum recommended load) and cause it to protect. Think of putting a wire on the negative and positive terminals (dont do it). What is the voltage at the amp look like when it goes into protect?
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    What are you listening to (Youtube only version)

  7. bromo

    Box Design For 4 10's In 98 Grand Prix

    Any pics of the design?
  8. bromo

    MTX 9500 12's for sale!

    Kinda doubt it, user was last active in 2008.
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    Capacitors... Do They Have A Shelf Life?

    It can sit longer unused then it will last being used at its thermal limit. It should be fine, but why do you want to use it?
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    Forum Layout

    You can change the amount of recent topics shown by clicking on the Settings gear in the upper right corner of the box. Then uncheck show default set by admin and choose how many you want shown "up to 10". Or you can click on the "View new content" button in the upper right hand corner of the page about two lines below the search box.
  11. bromo

    Box Design For 4 10's In 98 Grand Prix

    I believe I had 2 12" Cerwin Vega Vmax's tuned to 32hz, I built many boxes for the car. One was 35 X 16 X 18 that one I had to jump on to get in the car and disassemble it to get it out. I believe 2 12s would be best for the car but I believe people have done other stuff just can't remember as its been awhile and I no longer have the car.
  12. bromo

    Box Design For 4 10's In 98 Grand Prix

    Are you sure you can fit those dimensions through the trunk opening, its a really odd shape that limits the box size. IIRC the largest box I fit in my 99 was 35.75 x 21 x 14, and that was just squeezing in.
  13. bromo

    Box Design For 4 10's In 98 Grand Prix

    You sure you can fit those dimensions in through the trunk or are you building the box in the trunk?
  14. bromo

    Happy 23Rd Tonie!

    Happy Birthday
  15. bromo

    Happy Birthday Bromo

  16. bromo

    Happy Hollidays Ca-F

  17. Just a little build log of what I have done so far, with crappy cell phone pictures. The Truck Making holes to run the wire. Installed grommets for two runs of 1/0, one positive and one negative. Mocked up false floor. Wrapped up and wired up distro blocks. Wired up the stereo Wired up and mounted the amp. finished as it sits now. Still have some ideas to remount the amp/amps. When it gets warmer out Ill be laying down some fiberglass for kickpods and working on mounting tweeters somewhere.
  18. bromo

    Gmc Canyon Extended Cab.

    Really nice looking building, I have found myself appreciating the looks of some older buildings. Even some of the decrepit ones in downtown Detroit.