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  1. gprestonmoto

    2002 Chevy Blazer Sql Build!

    I'll take it Randall, LOL
  2. gprestonmoto

    The Slowest Lp Build Ever

    Thanks Randall. I still have eyes open in various channels. Might trade the Audison for an 8002, but we'll see if there's follow through. I'd really like to just have that matching set of amplifiers. Also changing tweeters to Fountek FR89EX 3" FR's on axis.
  3. gprestonmoto

    The Slowest Lp Build Ever

    Hey guys, I'm finally back. Took 6 weeks off work to spend with my newborn daughter and just spent the last week with her in the hospital with an unknown fever. Went back to work Monday, fever finally broke today. She'll be home when I get off work. Going to be running Exodus Anarchy 8 ohm in the doors off axis in the doors on my 3002, and Scanspeak Discovery tweeters on axis in the A-pillars on axis powered by my 2202 that just came in. Sub stage will be the same Audison SR1dk on a Crystal cmpx2 12" in 2.1 cu ft @ 22.8Hz. No plans for the 15 yet. Here's my little girl trying to fight that fever with a cool washcloth. Here's the pair of LP's that will be powering my front stage.
  4. gprestonmoto

    The Slowest Lp Build Ever

    Ok so the Cadillac is going to be too much work to get started on so I'm looking to trade the trailblazer in for a 2002+ Dodge Ram 1500. I'm getting all the same gear together with a few changes. Head Unit will be an Alpine cde-hd149bt running to an Audison bitTenD with DRC controller. From there it signal will be split between a modded Linear Power 3002 to the midranges and a modded Linear Power 2202 to the tweeters of a set of Audison AVK6 Components. Also running from the bitTenD will be the sub out to an Audison SR1dK to run 1200 rms @ 1 ohm to my dual 2 ohm Crystal cmpx2 15. I'm really excited about getting it all together. Linears are being finished up by Jeremy, Audison bitTenD and the AVK6's have their own little fund growing so I can order them, SR1dK is being shipped out next week. The Alpine is sitting on my kitchen counter. And the Crystal... came in Monday!
  5. gprestonmoto

    The Slowest Lp Build Ever

    We'll see where things go. Right now we're looking for a truck that would give us the same payment as our trailblazer. Until we find one, I'll be working in a little bit (LOL) of bass to get me by. I collect old LP, and Crystal Mobile Sound. LP isn't too hard to find, just got to pay to play, but Crystal is damn hard to find. Anyway, I finally came across a cmpx2 15", something I have been looking for, for a long time. So as soon as I find an amp, it will go into the trailblazer. At some point it will be moved to the truck, along with the LP's and a new build. First thing's first, when this cmpx2 gets here, I'll post up some pics!
  6. gprestonmoto

    The Slowest Lp Build Ever

    Yea going to be 8 ohm mono, but I don't know what's going on now. With the baby coming in December, I think I'll be putting the LP amps into a truck. Won't have the money nor time to work on the Cadillac much But that's alright, I'll post up whatever happens.
  7. gprestonmoto

    Cablguy184's 1997 Chevy Silverado

    Comin' back to life Randall!
  8. gprestonmoto

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Got to BS with a way cool dude today. Glad to get to chat Sean.
  9. gprestonmoto

    The Slowest Lp Build Ever

    Thanks Sean Plans have changed. If the funds allow, the Cadillac will be running SSA IB GCON's.
  10. Getting really tired of messy arguments where neither side can take criticism.

    1. Cablguy184


      they are good at what they do ... train wrecking forums that is ...

    2. S.DeYoung


      misinformation everywhere

    3. Cablguy184


      no one cares to argue with trolls

  11. gprestonmoto

    Blues Subwoofers

    I really like Linear Power and Blues. If one of their products doesn't meet my goals it's not because I think there is anything wrong with them. So far, the amplifiers have exceeded my expectations, and the BL-8's seem to be a perfect fit for my build for midbass.
  12. gprestonmoto

    Blues Subwoofers

    They seem to perform fine in that amount of airspace and tuning, but the roll off doesn't thrill me. In the screenshot below, the blue and yellow curves are a single BL10 tuned to ~31Hz, and an iso kit tuned at ~31Hz, the difference is nearly unnoticable, and 1 cu ft @ 24 Hz is pink.
  13. gprestonmoto

    Blues Subwoofers

    I'm just trying to get some insight into the Blues subwoofers. I asked a simple enclosure design question over on SSA and shit went ALL kinds of sideways to the point of any information being unusable. I modeled the BL10's and they seem to be solid performers for sure. However they seem to perform MUCH better with 2.16 cubes @ 31Hz. Credit where it's due though, the iso-kit is such a gangster, you can run a happy little 31Hz tune in only 1.08 cu ft. I don't have any change in low end extension on the iso's though. Granted using half the airspace is fantastic, but seems like I could run 4 of them normally and have some very clean and strong output.
  14. gprestonmoto

    The Slowest Lp Build Ever

    Damn spammers neg'd the hell outta me lol
  15. gprestonmoto

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Uppin' the reps. That's BS.