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  1. joey2010

    Atomic APX 18's

    do you still have the subs i know this post was from a year and a half ago
  2. joey2010

    (4) TREO TSXs

  3. joey2010

    (4) TREO TSXs

    Hey everyone i have four Treo TSX 12s that I am trying to sell or trade for two 18s. They are rated at 400 wrms but I am currently running all four at 500 a piece off of my Earthquake phd2 Shredder. I am asking 650 for all shipped and will include the custom box tuned to 41 HZ for an extra 50. For pics send me your email and i will send pics. Precision CNC-machined low-carbon steel motor structure (208oz on TSX12.xx) Powerful and durable double-stacked strontium ferrite magnets with a protective rubber magnet boot Durable and attractive black oxide-treated motor structure High-flow large diameter pole vent High excursion motor structure and suspension design Wide three-layer UV-treated foam surround Resin-impregnated poly-cotton damper for increased cone control Integrated tinsel leads for increased reliability and enhanced sound quality at high excursion Mica-impregnated polypropylene cone and dustcap Cold-rolled stamped steel basket with rolled edges 2.5 inch high-temperature Aluminum voice coils on TSX10.xx & TSX12.xx Upgraded power handling to 400 Watts RMS on TSX10.xx & TSX12.xx
  4. are you taking any trades for the subs?