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    Well next week I plan on re wiring my speakers so I'll tackle it then. Any tips on re wiring ?
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    Want To Know All......

    Will do sir =)
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    Want To Know All......

    ]Hey guys I was recommended to the site from the G+ community. I am not as much new to car audio but I don't know very much. Experience/History Had a 12" lightning audio sub with a duel amp in my first car with a Sony head unit. My second sub was a 12" Infinity with an SSL amp. Now I want to do things right for my current car so that's why I'm here. I want great sound and some kick. Old set up: Pioneer head unit Current set up Same Pioneer head unit and just door speakers I don't have too much room in the trunk so I was thinking of going with a shallow mount 10-12" sub (I can pull part of the seat down so it faces toward me) with an amp. I really want to understand not just the watts but ohm, RMS ect. So I can best match the amp to speaker and via versa.