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  1. G6ryder

    Budget Line

    Ironing out some final details with the build house. Final Pricing is looking at about 145$ MAP around 120ish$ preorder Once preorder opens about a 90-120 day build time as usual delays are always possible no refunds.
  2. G6ryder

    Budget Line

    These are the sample TSPs FS-35.5htz Re-4.0 QMS-5.67 QES-.54 QTS-.49 MMS-245.2 BL-20.1 SPL-85.8 VAS-70 L
  3. G6ryder

    Budget Line

    We should have our budget line prototype in the first of November. 12" -600wrms (conservative) -stitched high rolled foam surround -250mm yellow nomex spiders (dual) -white Tc style basket -white full dish style dust cap -190x25mm dual slug chrome motor -bumped backplate -vented pole piece -2.5" copper coil -4ga speaker inputs Price point of ~$125 shipped each
  4. G6ryder

    4" Coil 18S

    These went live on the SSA store yesterday. http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/iad-18-limited-editions-2000w-rms-subwoofer.html
  5. G6ryder

    Build Pics/vids

    Yes iirc he went from a 148.6 to a 153.2 That is surprising actually. Can't be just from the amplifier. Yeah, something is up as the power should be nearly the same unless load changed. I believe it from 2ohm to .5
  6. G6ryder

    Build Pics/vids

    Yes iirc he went from a 148.6 to a 153.2
  7. G6ryder

    Build Pics/vids

    Check out Kevin's S10 containing x4 "Reign" 12s running off a single Skar SK4500.1. He is currently doing a 153.2 behind the seats. Sick!!! Share this. Watch in HD. He recently switched from 2 AQ 2200s to a single SK4500
  8. G6ryder

    4" Coil 18S

    Here are the 10" spiders that will be used mocked up...
  9. G6ryder

    New Iad Samples...

    Visual comparison of our current Reign I vs our upcoming Reign II... Read the description for info. Watch in HD and Subscribe...
  10. G6ryder

    4" Coil 18S

    Mock up of the 18"
  11. G6ryder

    4" Coil 18S

    Thank goodness motors are finally in.. Building is underway