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  1. Used, fair condition. They work 100%, but cosmetically they have some indents on the gasket on the front (only the gasket, no part of the surround is damaged). I had grills on these that mounted over the gasket and it left these indents. So, cosmetically, 5/10 functially 10/10. I have 2 of them, both in same condition. $70 a piece plus shipping or $120 plus shipping for both. Or make an offer. I'm located in Wisconsin in case you wanted to arrange pick up or meet somewhere to save shipping. Thanks for looking!
  2. Used, great shape. I know pic is crappy, sorry; it is still installed in my car. It is dual 2 ohm - t/s parameters and more specifics can be found at soundsplinter here - http://www.soundsplinter.com/rlp18_subwoofer_information.html $225 plus shipping. I'm in Wisconsin, so if you want to try and arrange pick up, let me know. Thanks for looking!