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    need help?!?

    This may help My link
  2. stefanhinote1298908015

    Attractive BMW's

    How much is the last beamer? I'm thinking about getting it. No one rob the Wells Fargo at tanque verde and sabino canyon tucson,az I'll be right back...
  3. stefanhinote1298908015

    Attractive BMW's

    okay that is sick.
  4. stefanhinote1298908015

    (2) 12" ssa icon prototypes

    yep, just gotta sell these
  5. stefanhinote1298908015

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Duran that sucks, hope they took the least expensive equipment, but none the less... Last week my moms car was broken into, nothing was taken, I later found out she forgot to lock it. But at first I was shocked they would break into her car that has absolutely nothing to take all the while my jeep sits next to it with my ipod and everything else. Can your homeowners insurance cover part of it?
  6. stefanhinote1298908015

    (2) 12" ssa icon prototypes

    yes sir! once these sell ill be ordering two xcons. I ditched the 4 icon idea because it would of left me with zero space and as much as I want bass I gotta be realistic. So I figure 2 xcons, and 4500watts should be my next goal
  7. stefanhinote1298908015

    (2) 12" ssa icon prototypes

    (2) 12" SSA ICON 12D1/D2 prototypes bought on 5/13/2010, so they've been used for ~2months asking $230 each plus shipping PM me or text at 520-820-6080 if interested. I will be out of town from the 4th til the 10th, so I have two days to ship them out, or wait a week til i'm back. One motor has slight ding in it (came that way, i'm not that abusive )