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  1. Damn i didn't think the Mach1 rims looked good on the 94-98 models. But It looks good, Hope it goes fast, It should price is real decent.
  2. David78

    Bumpin' Music Thread....

    I second that.
  3. David78

    How many watts are you running.

    900 roughly.
  4. David78

    Chrysler Show Off Thread | Official

    Do it, I love neons. used to drive a yellow srt-4.
  5. David78

    Chrysler Show Off Thread | Official

    Yeah i dont see why not, It is a Chyrsler Show off lol. And thanks Mark. I was just hoping that everyone will do like a showoff and just have some pic of the ride.
  6. David78

    Post Pic of Fellow Fords.

    Just imagine the paint on it now is only like 10-15 yrs old, And it still somewhat in very good condition. And the truck itself is closing on 300k miles on it. First motor didn't go out oringinal owner just put a new one in it around 210k. And this motor has around 90k or so, and it will run down honda's with ease.
  7. David78

    My "old" 1999 Mustang Saleen S281 Clone

    Cloning takes a shit load of money lol. Me and my dad is trying to make his 85 fox body into a 93 Saleen, And we already have a ton sunken into it lol. But she did look very good Mark.
  8. Dodge Ram 1500 DMC Package. Hemi, Dual Exhaust, Soon to be Header, chip, K&N cai, Some sort of bumper front and rear. That should be about it.
  9. David78

    Ford Mustang 2011 V6

    Very clean, Did you get the one with like 315 from a V6?
  10. David78

    Post Pic of Fellow Fords.

    Thanks alot bro. I like it so much when i re-paint it, it is going to stay the same lol.
  11. David78

    Post Pic of Fellow Fords.

    Im in Tampa Fl. And thanks for the comment.
  12. I guess i will start.
  13. David78


    Thanks alot guys.