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  1. colorblind83

    What up from Georgia

    wELCOME sIR!
  2. colorblind83

    270XP for Powerstroke Diesel HD video with clamp meter

    how much for that one??
  3. colorblind83

    Skar new website sneak peak

    lookin good mister sir!
  4. colorblind83

    Khaotik Enclosures Website

    Dude. I'm digging the boxeses. Can we get personl engravings routed into the enclosure? just wondering
  5. colorblind83

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    I want to do car audio full time. I am going to start my own garage. Big ass pinup posters that are all censored out cause of the full frontal speaker nudity. Its gonna be awesome
  6. colorblind83

    Sundown SAX 125.2

    sweet amp! Good luck with your sale
  7. colorblind83

    2010 USACI World Finals

    That's it. THAT IS FREAKING IT. i'm gonna get "sick" and I'm going to to see one of those thingies.
  8. colorblind83

    First HD videos of my van.

    *picks jaw up off of floor* I would pimp the cuss out of that van. thats kinda makes me wanna go do donuts in some strangers driveway at 2AM
  9. colorblind83

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Thank you for reminding me ,sir! I've been having trouble getting a loaner table saw. All my resources are either busy or they lied to me, or they say, "Yeah you can use itt ! Call me tomorrow cause its in a storage unit and I'll need to be there so you can get it." but never answer or return my call the next day... I think I'm gonna have to use the freaking skill saw again.... yeah, the one with the wobbly blade.... cuss
  10. Progress!! when you finish your system, IT BETTER NOT BE LOUDER THAN MINE WHEN I'M DONE Hah, jk
  11. colorblind83

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    well alright. tomorrow I'm starting the box
  12. colorblind83

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    i'm torn apart.... I don't know whether to go with two 10"w6's in a sealed enclosure or one 10 " PP Pro in a ported one...
  13. colorblind83

    FS: 8 DD 9515g

    whoa... Some of those pics are explicit with all them speakers... I can't stop staring at them! Good luck with your sale sir.
  14. Sir, all I do is work. I haven't ever been to a dB drag or anything, so I've probably never heard anything over 120dBs. So demo would be pretty freaking cool!
  15. Dude, that a freaking sweet Honda! I wouldn't mind finding a sweet old school car like that to putt around town in and piss off everyone cause of the ridiculous bass!!! NOISE POLLUTION, YEAH!