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    Hi There

    hi all from wny...i have trolled here for a little while now and like all the info and help i have seen so i decided to register and so glad i did. i hail from good ole western new york and car audio has been a passion of mine for many years. i have done quite a few installs for different friends and family as well as myself. i am currently throwing around the idea of opening up my own install shop as where i am there is not a lot around for quite a distance. i will probably be asking lots of questions if i do decide to take this new venture.
  2. Doug Russell

    New Multimedia Reciever

    i actually got it a lot less than that...a friend bought it for his car then wrecked it...so i got it for 100 brand new
  3. Doug Russell

    New Multimedia Reciever

    I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with this particular reciever. I just picked one up for what i think is a pretty good deal...even though i have never heard of the company before...lol. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. http://www.chinavasi...Car_DVD_player/