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  1. I have been trying to sell these for a while now but never got around to taking better pics. I have now included tons of pics of these things. You can see that the coils are completely fine. They were ordered dual 1.0 ohm from DD but rise to 1.2-1.3 as all DD subs usually do. The patched cone is just a patch. It was done BY DIGITAL DESIGNS not a third party. It has no bearing on the sound quality or integrity of the composite cone. However, due to cosmetic reasons, I will lower the price on it slightly. We all know what these subs are capable of so it goes without question that they are BADASS. I have since changed my setup all together so I need to get rid of them. Please, no trades Price: $775 shipped for the pair 425 + shipping for unpatched 375 + shipping for patched