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  1. very good amp for the price
  2. Julian

    Car audio dot com???

  3. Julian

    My First 150+ out of the trunk with 2 12s

    Comcast... they throttle like hell. they'll give you 10Mb/s one second then throttle you down to less than 100 KB/s
  4. Julian

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Mmm.. Potatoes 'Obrien bump
  5. Julian

    Pre-Compitetion Rituals?

    Listen to some Journey to get the mood right
  6. Julian

    Needing An Alternator

    for a 50 amp they're around 100 dollars for a powermaster.
  7. Julian

    Needing An Alternator

    Get it set up to be externally regulated, sure you want to use step downs? they're expensive and you'll need ones that step down for like 60+ amps
  8. Julian


    those look like you set them on fire.
  9. Julian

    Welcome DC Power Engineering to CLZZ

    yay! i love my DC alt
  10. Should let you supe up my mustang looks wonderful.
  11. Julian

    Ford Mustang 2011 V6

    Here are some general facts Trunk Space: 13.4 ! Horsepower (SAE net @ rpm) 305 @6,500!!!! Super fast engine for a V6 MPG: 19 city/31 Hwy automatic, EPA-estimated (I get about 21.5 city) Bore and Stroke (mm.) 95.5 x 86.7 Compression Ratio 11.0:1 Torque (lb.-ft. @ rpm) 280 @4,250
  12. Julian

    Ford Mustang 2011 V6

    Take the ~19 hour drive over here and do it while paying for the subs and materials
  13. Julian

    Ford Mustang 2011 V6

    Just got windows tinted, will include some when i get the chance.
  14. Julian

    Replacing factory head unit in IS350

    metra should have something http://www.metraonline.com/products.aspx