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  1. my 7100 is acting an ass on me. I need Nice active head unit, I will probably be replacing my k2ps out in the near future to go 3 way up front. I pod control is important. I have a 12' SSA Icon, some memphis 6.5's, a pair of mpyers, some polk tweeters, and quite a lot of other goodies laying around and lots of other electronics. I am not using my Icon because I now have a smaller car and the 12 was too big, so I'm running a Fi Q 10 loaded with the silver dustcap to match my paint on my car. It is being pushed my a sae-1000d. My oldschool rockford amp is kind of acting up, so I am also interested in a decent 4 channel amp. Cadence is fine. Mainly interested in a 9887 with the ipod cable, but would consider a 880prs. A 7200 could be cool too. Have cash too. So let me know what everyone has. I needs, few grand of stereo equipment laying around and it's acting an ass on me.
  2. vellocet

    FI, SSA, tc

    I take it that tc sub is a spl sub that takes a bunch of watts?