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    Sundown SAX 125.2

    Thanks! I'd keep it, but I know I'll never use it lol. Hope someone else can give it a good home
  2. Used for all of 30 minutes. Unfortunately I have no use for it Pictures tell all. I had to steal a fuse from it, which is why one's different if you noticed. Selling for $190 shipped...Any questions just PM me
  3. Hey all! I have two of the aforementioned AQ subs for sale. They are in VERY good condition. One I've been using daily, and the other one wast tested shortly. These subs are great balance between SPL and SQ. They are 600w rms 4 ohm DVC. Audioque: Street Duty: SDC2.5 I'm selling because I can't fit more than a pair of shoes in the trunk with both subs in there lol. $120 for or $230 for both + shipping (should be around $20) OBO. I'm open to trade my subs for your one sub, either a ten or twelve inch. pics
  4. Traded these puppies are gone!
  5. Yes I still have them. Sorry it took me so long to respond......
  6. Haha yeah I WAS going to carpet it, but I decided it wasn't worth the hassle till i finished other things on the car lol. I tried, good to know i succeeded!
  7. FF5

    *SOLD*2 Fi Audio 12" Q's

    Hey! I'm interested in buying one of your Q's.
  8. FF5

    What's up!

    Hey my name's Scott, and I'm from ABQ, NM Figured I would join cause I'm lookin to buy stuff I found the site through SSA forums (which are awesome!)
  9. FF5

    2 RE Audio re 8's BRAND NEW!

    Hey sorry if this is ignorant, but are they 175 RMS? Not sure how thermal power handling relates.....
  10. Wow. That's about all that needs to be said Oh! and the purple lighting is beautiful!