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  1. banginAltima

    Testing the New Sundown Audio Z 15's

    359 each, I don't know when the cart will be updated.
  2. banginAltima

    Getting my first Sundown amp

    You will not be disappointed.
  3. banginAltima

    Testing the New Sundown Audio Z 15's

    Did more testing today. 146.8db off the little saz-1000d. Only 12" long. 150.1 with the saz-2000d. 151.1 with the saz-3000d. I wonder what they'll do on the saz-3500d?
  4. banginAltima

    Testing the New Sundown Audio Z 15's

    Yes, they are 1000 watt subs. I don't think a 3000 daily will be an issue with a little common sense.
  5. From SMD- So banginAltima & I picked up his new pair of Sundown Audio z15"s yesterday. I feel so priveleged cause I got to test them out in my Explorer 1st. My box is a very basic 6ft net volume. Powered by a single Sundown saz-1500d it burped a 149.5 and hit 148.1 on music playing some Kanye West. We're gonna do some more testing tomorrow and see what they can do at different power levels. No doubt this will easily burp over a 150db on the saz-2000d which will be the perfect amp for a pair of these subs. No doubt I'm underpowering them with the saz-1500d. After a 30 second full tilt run on music they were still cold to the touch and it was 80* here today. There isn't even the typical break-in smell with these subs. We can't wait to put more power on them. I believe we're gonna try burping them with a pair of saz-3000s tomorrow. NightShade 15" left --- z15" right Playing my BassRace song JayZ - Hello Brooklyn Playing Kanye West - Heartless I still have one more vid uploading on the TL while playing Heartless. These subs are awesome.
  6. banginAltima

    New South Carolina Member

  7. banginAltima

    Get your Team their own section on our forum!

    When I said a Team Sundown, I didn't mean it for only team members. Thats just what I am use to saying. I was thinking just a regular Sundown section. Every forum that has one gets some good traffic. Thats all I was getting at...
  8. banginAltima

    New South Carolina Member

    SMD, SSA, CACO, teamolskool (local) and here.
  9. banginAltima

    Get your Team their own section on our forum!

    I will (may) talk to him Friday but I am sure it won't be an issue. There is one on SSA, SMD as well as a lot of Sundown love on the Team Ol' Skool forum.
  10. banginAltima

    fosgate t1's & AQ 2200D + 11cuft@29Hz

    Awesome job. I love my Rf T1's.
  11. banginAltima

    Pre-Compitetion Rituals?

    The day before or day of, I am usually putting my equipment in the car.
  12. banginAltima

    Post your scores...

    Vehicle - 2006 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE Subwoofer(s) - Two RF T1 15's Amplifier(s) - One Sundown SAZ-2000 Electrical - Stock except for two Optima G31's Enclosure - 6 cubes tuned to 33hz Mic - TL on Dash sealed Tone/Song - 40hz Score - 148.6 db
  13. banginAltima

    Get your Team their own section on our forum!

    YGPM Go Team Sundown....
  14. banginAltima

    Mod Team

    Damn, If I would have known all you need to do to become a mod is ask, I would have signed up sooner. an yes, I have mod experience.
  15. banginAltima

    New South Carolina Member

    Whats up everyone? This forum looks cool, I see a lot of familar user names. Besides, I like the smaller forums.