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    ~~~~~~~~~Website merge~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Aaron. I agree, DAT really screwed a lot of people. But from day one of them showing pictures of the proto 2500, I knew bad things was coming. I even pointed it out to David. He swore I was wrong. Which coming from a nobody( I didn't have many posts over on SMD), I can see a little reason he didn't listen. None the less, David has way to much sand in his vagina. Before he banned me, he made a post calling me all kinds of names and saying if he ever saw me, he was going to punch me in the mouth. Which is rather childish, as I never once said a negative comment to the guy, or really about his company. So it goes to show what kind of guy he really is. He has to attack people on the internet, because I assume he can't in real life. I really hate people like that. Threatening over the internet, definitely when it is not called for. I loled and went on about my life. Its a shame though. I bet if Steve got rid of him, SMD would be way better off. Yeah, I know your a mod over on ca.com. That is first place I actually seen your posts. It wasn't until a few months after I joined ca.com I found SSA. My story on ca.com, I got perma banned by Jimj because of a convo in a AIM chat room. Jim did it basically out of meanness. This was when mods was acting a fool on there. In 07 I believe it was. I finally talked to Mikeoftulsa, and told him what happened, he asked Jim, and got the same story, so he got me unbanned. So I made a "I'm back thread", and Jntar, knew I was perma banned before, decided to be a dick and ban me again. Less than 2 hours after I was unbanned. Lol. After that I made SSA my home. I ended up posting 1k post in a very short time. Mostly in Ihop. Well come to find out, the normal Ihop crowd didn't like me all to well, and knew why I was posting on SSA so much.(Because I was banned from ca.com.) So about this time Iceteebone went total crazy on Jntars name banning 100s of people, I'm sure you remember that. A few days after that I found out the guys at SSA, talked to Jntar and convinced him to unban me because they didn't want my post whoring so much. So when all the people got unbanned from when Icetee, I got unbanned also. Lol. I know gay story but oh well. I also have had all my posts deleted before. I'm not sure if you remember the thread named, "let's see how long this can go". But when they deleted it, I got mad. Because I had over 5k posts in that thread alone. And lost half my hard earned post count. So I ended up spamming a few threads with the same post. And got all my posts deleted. Which is something I didn't want to happen. I had a few old post I wish I could dig up now. Really ones in the Fi spotlight thread when Fi first came out. Enough stories for tonight. I swear this time. Bahaha.
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    ~~~~~~~~~Website merge~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Its just bullshit. But what can you do? I had actually spent a good bit of time over there, now it was just a waste. That's what pisses me off the worst. Hell I got perma banned from ca.com twice, because of two mods didn't like me. I'm unbanned now, but none the less. I've always butted heads with people of power on the internet because I don't agree with all their mod choices.
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    ~~~~~~~~~Website merge~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I got banned from SMD. Yes. I'm not sure what your asking. But I was banned for not being nice enough. But I really wasn't that bad. People whined about my posts enough, and I finally got the perma hammer. No warning ban, nothing. Plus I brung up DAT(nothing bad), and it pissed David off. He got super butthurt over nothing, it just went to show how he can't handle anybody bringing up he failed. Which I don't blame him/DAT, but regardless if somebody gets that hurt over the internet, maybe they shouldn't be on it. I'm just saying.
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    ~~~~~~~~~Website merge~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I'm ready for the traffic to start really rolling in. I'm going to try and promote the site a little. I'm in dyer need of a forum to fill a void left when I got banned from SMD. I like being in the top percent of knowledge. On SSA I'm in the middle. Lol. Which is good to have people I can actually read and learn from. But I like spreading my wisdom. And for the most part my shoes are already filled on SSA and my comments isn't needed much.
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    CLZZ Merger, coming soon!

    Do I get to keep my mod status from CLZZ to here?
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    new member

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    Moar posts

    What does money have to do with posting? lol.
  8. Ford302Redneck

    Moar posts

    Same with me not being here alot. Busy busy busy. But whats everybody's else excuse?
  9. Ford302Redneck

    Moar posts

    We need more posters. Lately, its been on the down side. Invite your friends fools. Lets get it jumping in here.
  10. Ford302Redneck

    WTB broken amps

    Hey, man. I was looking around the other day, and noticed I had a MTX thunder2300. Its broke and have no idea whats wrong with it. If your interested, PM me a offer.
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    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Thought bout it last night. Xcon would be better, since I want one anyways.
  12. Ford302Redneck

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    Just give it to me. A 12. I'll treat it well. lol. I'll write some reviews and even compare it to my 12 Q. :clapping:
  13. Ford302Redneck

    How a Subwoofer is Built - Video

    Mark, Thats not really a "good" reconing video. But, you really don't need a video to show you how. If you like, Im reconing me Q in a few days, and I'd be glad to post pics.