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  1. dgrossman458

    1998 Ford Mustang

    Will be adding pictures of the vehicle as soon as its nice out.
  2. dgrossman458

    1998 Ford Mustang

    Only thing that I have done on my own so far is install 4 new Sony xplod 6x8 speakers, (stock ones where blown).
  3. dgrossman458

    1998 Ford Mustang

    Be in mind though this will be my first build. And I do not exactly know what I'm doing. Just know what I need, but welcome any and all audio suggestions to make this sound nice, clear and have a lot of power.
  4. dgrossman458

    1998 Ford Mustang

    An active log as I build the ideal sound system in my car, this will be picture heavy as I go along with the build. The build it self though will take some time due to the vehicle is my daily driver and I would only like to strip it all down over weekends.