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  1. HyPer

    My New Little Trusty Mazda P5 & Rx8

    Yeah it sucks about the pics.....awaiting updates!
  2. HyPer

    Ca-F Welcome SPL-Lab USA to the forum.

    Awesome meters, I keep one in each vehicle and at all the shops. They're all +/-.01-.03db from the shop's termlab we compared against.....which isn't bad at all when different termlabs are +/-.2db of each other lol.
  3. HyPer

    Please Welcome Hyper Lights To Ca-F

    Sorry it's been almost 3yrs, been really busy with the audio manufacturing side of the business. Designing and building woofers with the intention of keeping everything US production.....while still remaining competitive with import companies.
  4. I gotcha covered on 5.25's.....got a whole box of brand new 5.25" mids.
  5. Let me do the audio in the truck now!!! We can do it the same as the goblin.
  6. HyPer

    Cablguy184's 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan

    In my terminology, I use "lines" to mean metal, and "hoses" to mean rubber.....so yes, a spool of metal 3/8" fuel line. About the insurance, you'll need to get antique auto insurance with your amount set to the value of the car in it's entirety, including all audio and other equipment in the car. For the Opel, we have $4k coverage, which is comprehensive, covers anything we report happening to the car, and it's like $50/year.
  7. HyPer

    Cablguy184's 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan

    I gotta get new fuel lines for the camaro, if you wanna hold off until then, I can just get some extra length to the spool, this might save you some monies. 3/8" fuel line should be fine for that car, mine came with 5/16", but it can't support fuel flow for that big cam now
  8. HyPer

    Merry Christmas ! And Happy New Year !

    Get the green goblin back on the road!!! We were talking exhaust last night, and this pic looks like a good idea.
  9. HyPer

    Merry Christmas ! And Happy New Year !

    Merry Christmas to you too dicklick!
  10. HyPer

    The Slowest Lp Build Ever

    One thing I might add, since you're looking for an 02+ ram, is if you're planning to do any sort of work around the defroster vents, the vents are known for being very brittle when new, and they begin to crumble with just a light touch when the vehicle has some age to it. Dodge offered a shorttime recall on them a few years ago, but we missed out and ended up having to pay $500 for a new vent panel that was a "fix". The old panel literally came off in over 200 pieces(stopped counting at 200).....the plastic is very thin already and it didn't take much sun to make it extremely brittle. Mine was an 03 that had been garaged, so that tells me that it doesn't take much sun exposure to damage the panel.
  11. May get some work done this weekend ... Most likely we will be replacing the heater core ... Sounds like we're both out of heat lol. My blower motor quit on me.
  12. Did I miss you ?? been home all day ... doing nothing, being lazy ... LOL Yea, been lazy ... LOL Yeah, I ran overtime at the shop, didn't get out of magee until 10:30 last night.
  13. I'll be over tomorrow to finish the throttle body mods, gotta grab some steel compound from somewhere first though.
  14. HyPer

    My Forum Rant

    Well, the way I see it, is the best forum would be one where people communicate like they would if they were in person. Especially being mobile audio and you'll be seeing these same people you're being nice to, or being an ass to.....in person. If you wouldn't say it to their face, then I wouldn't recommend it online.....world finals was a fine example of this. Those who saw it, they know wtf was going on, that's why no one jumped in.
  15. HyPer

    Amp Not Working?

    Sounds like it sent a gigantic DC surge straight to the coil(s) of the sub.
  16. HyPer

    Calling Anyone With Knowledge On Lp

    Deephaven, I for one know exactly what you're asking.....but I cannot answer it directly, as I'm not as technical as others in the forum. But after watching them being built, repaired, etc, and listening to them as they try and 'tweak' the amps and designs, I will say this: Where most other companies only go so far in engineering, because they either get to a point of having a decent amp for the amount of money they'll get for it, or they don't know how to increase the clarity, efficiency, headroom any higher; these guys keep going, they fine tune, they keep upgrading certain parts changing locations of parts, everything like that in the prototypes and designs to try and achieve the "perfect" amplifier. As far as comparing with other companies, I'm not going to do that, as I personally feel that it could cause a hailstorm of drama, as other companies might think we're talking crap about them. This is why alot of professional reviews are done with white label products, so as to not step on any toes. As for SQL, I'm not one of those people. I love Sound Quality(as in the quality of sound), but not the "front stage" aspect, I'm more the "Theater Sound Quality" surround sound kinda guy. I'm also light spl, and after researching other brands and testing them, I WILL go with LP, not because they have a cool sticker or a vintage name, but because they produce the clearest bass, they do rated power with engine off, etc. Someone mentioned in the other thread that if LP could do all this, why could other companies not. Well, the other companies might not have the budget or WANT to blow it on getting all the aspects figured out.....plus it would take them a while likely to get it figured out. Most all these other amp brands(not including the Big-3; no names mentioned), do not actually have an engineering team. They have thinkers that get with remote companies, they tell them what they want and have that company's engineers get to work on it. The result in something very high end would be an amp that has extremely high production costs and you wouldn't be able to control sales, as the manufacturer could easily begin offering them to other brands also, as the original "Brand" that paid for R&D does NOT own the rights to the design, the rights are owned by whoever engineered them. So that's another reason why alot of companies do NOT tread the thinner ice to get to high end status.....it's too much of a risk. Also, say if they DID make a high end, they'll be known for low to mid end stuff and who's actually gonna buy all these new "highend" amps from a company known for low to mid end. Now, as for the Big-3, yes I'm sure they have engineers of some sort and they probably are good at what they do, but it all starts at R&D budget, AND R&D knowledge and experience. You can only build something as good as you yourself can design and engineer, and can afford. Ummmmm, I'm still unsure if I've actually explained what you're wanting to hear, I tend to lose myself or sidetrack myself in particular regions of a run-on paragraph lol. I'd like to request that we all remain civil though, even if you think there's a bunch of nut-huggers in this thread or fight-pickers, please keep it to yourself. It only makes you look like an @$$ when you constantly bicker and start throwing names. Mom always said, "When you point fingers and call names, you got 3 fingers pointing back at you." In short, the differences begin with how much thought is put into the amps, how far they want to go with them in "tweak"ing their designs, stuff like that. LP has 2 of the most sought-after and experienced engineers around, and these 2 engineers were given a limitless budget, so what came of that was a limitless design, which in turn produced a near perfect amplifier. As far as comparing internal components and stuff, most companies use components only strong enough to handle the limits they test them with, some go a little over, so as to have a little buffer room, but the components are still running at 90% and up, which takes it's toll on the components over the years. At full tilt, the current generation LP's are running their components at a maximum of 40% potential continuous cycle. This makes the finite life of them almost seem infinite, as they will STILL be operating like new when they are 20+ years old. So if you're building the ultimate system, and want something that you won't have to replace after 4-5 years of use, then you can consider this a worthwhile investment also, as I can guarantee that in 20yrs, your amp will sell for around the same price you paid for it. I don't think many amps can do that honestly, although I have seen a few that are close(no names though). ^Was this a ramble? I know someone on here that will see it as that, but he can't be helped Later tators!
  17. In short, class D being a high current architecture has less control over the speakers than class A/B which is a high voltage architecture. More control equals crisper sound and less delay in audible speaker response.
  18. HyPer

    Just Sayin Hi

    Hi and nice vette, love the artwork and the body kit. Was that a soup'd up model or was the kit added after purchase? Any performance modifications? That engine bay looks CLEAN!!! and I'm the say way about my truck, I'd never sell it.
  19. HyPer

    Ssa Store Open Box Specials

    ahhhhh, buttload of skar stuff!!! Nice nice!
  20. Aight, appreciate it man. I'd have to wash, and scrub it good for the pics to come out anywhere near decent!
  21. At the moment, I pay insurance on 3 vehicles (soon to be 4) ... whats wrong with keeping the green truck updated so we can drive it ??? Because last I had insurance on it, it ran me $115/month for liability alone. I don't remember where that number came from, but I just checked online and basic liability for my truck is $30/month. Maybe it was when I had the system and other stuff in the truck added to the insurance.
  22. HyPer

    Hyper Lights On "white Lightning"

    Get that Weller soldering station out!
  23. HyPer

    2 Cycle Engine Oil In Fuel.

    I use a quart with every tank, it allows you to run your injector timing a little more advanced without harmful detonation, which in turn translates to more power. Currently mine is sitting at 9 degrees advanced, which is a little heavy on advance(hence why I sometimes have to run my glow plugs manually while cranking during extreme cold weather), whereas the normal advance to use would be 6 degrees.
  24. At the moment, I pay insurance on 3 vehicles (soon to be 4) ... whats wrong with keeping the green truck updated so we can drive it ??? Because last I had insurance on it, it ran me $115/month for liability alone.
  25. Thanks, didn't know about that! Yeah I'll have to go get it tagged.....somehow. Do you still just take the trailer's serial numbers to the DOT to get it registered?