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  1. HyPer

    My New Little Trusty Mazda P5 & Rx8

    Yeah it sucks about the pics.....awaiting updates!
  2. HyPer

    Ca-F Welcome SPL-Lab USA to the forum.

    Awesome meters, I keep one in each vehicle and at all the shops. They're all +/-.01-.03db from the shop's termlab we compared against.....which isn't bad at all when different termlabs are +/-.2db of each other lol.
  3. HyPer

    Please Welcome Hyper Lights To Ca-F

    Sorry it's been almost 3yrs, been really busy with the audio manufacturing side of the business. Designing and building woofers with the intention of keeping everything US production.....while still remaining competitive with import companies.
  4. I gotcha covered on 5.25's.....got a whole box of brand new 5.25" mids.
  5. Let me do the audio in the truck now!!! We can do it the same as the goblin.
  6. HyPer

    Cablguy184's 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan

    In my terminology, I use "lines" to mean metal, and "hoses" to mean rubber.....so yes, a spool of metal 3/8" fuel line. About the insurance, you'll need to get antique auto insurance with your amount set to the value of the car in it's entirety, including all audio and other equipment in the car. For the Opel, we have $4k coverage, which is comprehensive, covers anything we report happening to the car, and it's like $50/year.
  7. HyPer

    Cablguy184's 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan

    I gotta get new fuel lines for the camaro, if you wanna hold off until then, I can just get some extra length to the spool, this might save you some monies. 3/8" fuel line should be fine for that car, mine came with 5/16", but it can't support fuel flow for that big cam now
  8. HyPer

    Merry Christmas ! And Happy New Year !

    Get the green goblin back on the road!!! We were talking exhaust last night, and this pic looks like a good idea.
  9. HyPer

    Merry Christmas ! And Happy New Year !

    Merry Christmas to you too dicklick!
  10. HyPer

    The Slowest Lp Build Ever

    One thing I might add, since you're looking for an 02+ ram, is if you're planning to do any sort of work around the defroster vents, the vents are known for being very brittle when new, and they begin to crumble with just a light touch when the vehicle has some age to it. Dodge offered a shorttime recall on them a few years ago, but we missed out and ended up having to pay $500 for a new vent panel that was a "fix". The old panel literally came off in over 200 pieces(stopped counting at 200).....the plastic is very thin already and it didn't take much sun to make it extremely brittle. Mine was an 03 that had been garaged, so that tells me that it doesn't take much sun exposure to damage the panel.
  11. May get some work done this weekend ... Most likely we will be replacing the heater core ... Sounds like we're both out of heat lol. My blower motor quit on me.
  12. Did I miss you ?? been home all day ... doing nothing, being lazy ... LOL Yea, been lazy ... LOL Yeah, I ran overtime at the shop, didn't get out of magee until 10:30 last night.
  13. I'll be over tomorrow to finish the throttle body mods, gotta grab some steel compound from somewhere first though.
  14. HyPer

    My Forum Rant

    Well, the way I see it, is the best forum would be one where people communicate like they would if they were in person. Especially being mobile audio and you'll be seeing these same people you're being nice to, or being an ass to.....in person. If you wouldn't say it to their face, then I wouldn't recommend it online.....world finals was a fine example of this. Those who saw it, they know wtf was going on, that's why no one jumped in.
  15. HyPer

    Amp Not Working?

    Sounds like it sent a gigantic DC surge straight to the coil(s) of the sub.