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  1. boltpride

    SSA New Product Site New look

    I agree/ Looks sweeet.
  2. whoot! Looks sweet. I love those subs.. Aye mark i didnt get to save ur number and i deleted my texts. Send me a text when ya read this.
  3. boltpride


    I love the red. I see myself bumpin with two of these in the future. ;-)
  4. boltpride

    Xcon 18s teaser pics

    that surround looks hawt!
  5. boltpride

    New on the isiter site

    welcome. Man i needa get registered on some other sites....
  6. boltpride

    Car audio dot com???

    exactly what i was thinking....but its april 2. lol.
  7. boltpride

    Car audio dot com???

    Whats up with it??
  8. boltpride

    Installing subs/amp

    lol yea u get both there.
  9. boltpride

    2 BNIB Audiopipe AP 30001Ds

    is that each or both? Pics with username will help u out...i see a paper with the name ben in one of the pics. Is that ur name on a different site?
  10. boltpride

    Installing subs/amp

    bump. Did this get resolved?
  11. boltpride

    The "X"con 12"

    lmao. I probably cant but id sure like to try.
  12. boltpride

    Home theatre receivers

  13. boltpride

    The "X"con 12"

    Nice subs. Im already thinking of switching out the ixl's. lmao.